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Posted April 05, 2016 by Christina

Sometimes I find that I stumble across the most beautiful spaces by chance.  The gorgeous work of Cherie Lee Interiors was one of those lucky chances this past weekend.  I found her through an Instagram post from someone I cannot pinpoint right now.. but feel so lucky as it is amazing inspiration!

all images from Cherie Lee Interiors

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Laura T. WIlson

This is so beautiful, but I wonder how people can actually live without lamps? How do they read? Write things? One overhead light would not be enough. Do they remove the lamps for the photo shoot? Just wondering….

Wed Apr 6 01:59:27 2016

Karolyn Stephenson


Tue Apr 5 11:02:48 2016

Taste of France

It’s so serene, and that light fixture is amazing.

Tue Apr 5 08:16:08 2016

Elizabeth Burns

This is a gorgeous space. I’m crushing on those steel doors!

Tue Apr 5 08:00:43 2016

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