Dressed in White for the holidays

Posted December 08, 2009 by Christina

What a beautiful home- daydreaming of it being mine....

Love the slip covered chairs just so casual and elegant at the same time.

This house gives me the impression that someone actually lives here. Which is what I love about homes- personality. Their mix of traditional pieces with slipcovered casual pieces and a simple pallet really allows the combinations to play off of one another. It also allows the artwork and accessories to be seen which is what really tells us about the people who live inside.

Love the Twin beds in here with the natural rug. The beds are from Oly (I have this - mine is a bit bigger but it is the best investment I have ever made furniture wise).

images from Summerour and Assoc.



Oops. Forgot to leave the link to my post.


Fri Oct 17 13:22:49 2014


This is one of my favorite houses in Atlanta. I just did a post on it that I think you’ll enjoy. The post shows much more of the home than what was in AH&L.

Fri Oct 17 13:22:49 2014

Michelle@Sweet Something

Stunning! ….and this too shall be mine, right after the last kid moves out! I mean the VERY day!

Fri Oct 17 13:22:49 2014


Gorgeous rooms. I love the soft palettes also and the lovely, interesting furniture. Quiet rooms with elements that speak volumes. : )

xo Terri

Fri Oct 17 13:22:49 2014

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