Tic Tock and some time to reflect..

December 30, 2009

This year has been interesting to say the least.. I can honestly say that I am not sad to see it go except for the fact that it means that it is one year less that we have of life in front of us. I guess I am not that big on New Years- don't get me wrong I like the Newness of it all- I Guess I need to be more optimistic {sorry it is a cloudy day here- I don't do well with the no sun thing!!}

Anyway- here are some of my favorite inspirations from this past year...

Now that I am cheery again... I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit and to leave comments!! It really helps knowing that I am not just posting to myself. I also appreciate how very many of you are in love with the life of the interior- I have been obsessed since I was little and could not imagine it any other way. Life is an experience why not bring that into where you spend your days and nights - in your home. Remember to design and decorate with your heart- that is what makes it good and what makes it special it should be a reflection of you and your experiences!

Best of luck in 2010 and I hope to hear from you often!