Carrie's new Sex in the City Penthouse apartment : What would you do?

Posted January 28, 2010 by Christina

So you have this amazing clean slate... What would you do with it all? Pretend you don't have to bring anything with you that you already have- not unless you want to!

Would you go with a clean Greige look?

Would you go Parisian modern eclectic bohemian?

Kelly Hoppen's Modern Luxury?

Well traveled black and white?

Dark and Moody?

Clean artistic masculine?

Greige transitional?

So many questions... Well which would you choose and which style do you think it will have in the next movie? I am sure they must be putting it in the next movie right? It was such a major player in the last.



Definitely the Parisian modern – with those windows, that light, that floor – it would be sublime!

Fri Oct 17 13:29:11 2014


I think that the last photo is the way that I would lean maybe adding a little bit of a twist with it… it seems so soothing that way!

Fri Oct 17 13:29:11 2014

Anita Davis

Parisian, modern, eclectic, bohemian! (with some well-traveled black and white for fun…)

Fri Oct 17 13:29:11 2014


Parisian, modern, eclectic, bohemian with dark and moody leanings and a light sprinkling of greige transitional. How’s that for a mouthful. I always say when it comes to interior design I’m schizophrenic. I think that description pretty much proves it. :0)

What about you? What would you do with those perfect bones?

Fri Oct 17 13:29:11 2014

Kristen Smith

Well I would hire my friend, the incredible designer Christina Fluegge to help me come up with a one of a kind, unique “griege” look!! :-)

Fri Oct 17 13:29:11 2014

a Broad

Parisian modern eclectic bohemian… with less Modern and more worn old velvet pieces.
Like a sofa I saw on one of your other blogs.. the grey velvet sofas facing each other … I want that room !
Actually, I sent the photo to my husband and he now knows we have to copy it with at least one grey velvet sofa :)
Mirrors, lots of old mirrors.

Fri Oct 17 13:29:10 2014

a Broad

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Fri Oct 17 13:29:10 2014

The Shiny Pebble

Parisian modern eclectic bohemian, with more comfortable dining chairs.

Fri Oct 17 13:29:10 2014


Love the images.
great blog

Fri Oct 17 13:29:10 2014

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greige: (gra, grège, gray)
adj: not bleached or dyed;
unfinished; raw