Designers at home: kelly wearstler interior design

Posted February 08, 2010 by Christina

We have all seen her.. she is like an interior designer goddess/supermodel. Her work is amazing and sometimes over the top. But you have to look... I recently found a grouping of photos of her home and had to share them with you. I am always so intrigued by designers homes, it is the place that they are allowed to be free and true to themselves. You can see that most of her home that is pictured is pretty relaxed as far as color goes.

This is her son's bedroom..

On to her work. She has an extensive portfolio and I find her hotel work is often my favorite.

She always mixes styles. textures and color to suit her needs.

One of my other favorite things about her is that she creates some of my favorite fabrics partnered with Lee Jofa and F. Schumacher.

This is just a glimpse at the amount of eye candy that is available about Kelly's work.

Here is a little article from Vogue about her.

images from Canadian house and home, kwid and town and country.


Preppy 101

Her work is definitely memorable. I find that I either love it or hate it, but always love to look at it! I thought the same thing as Dumbwit Tellher about her son’s room. xoxo

Fri Oct 17 13:30:51 2014



I did actually find a picture of her and her boys in their room in front of huge bookcase full of kids books. I did not post it (and now I cannot find it) I always feel a little weird about posting pictures with people’s children in them, so I chose the more formal picture. I don’t know why.


Fri Oct 17 13:30:51 2014

Dumbwit Tellher

I do think she’s either loved or hated. I find her fascinating & she has such an unique eye and can’t deny that she is talented. She makes me look differently of her choices that remind me of 80’s design. I love her, & like you I find her hotel work her greatest. I’m happy to see her smile more in her photos which previously she didn’t do a lot of. I think this lady has so much to be happy for. Is that not hard to believe that is one of her sons rooms?!! Wow…where is Babbar, or Dr. Seuss? lol…

Fri Oct 17 13:30:51 2014


Some rooms are beautiful, others are not.
But so love the image with the tortoiseshells on the wall!

Fri Oct 17 13:30:51 2014


There are some wonderful things in her rooms, but I think somebody should sit with her and explain the concept of less being more. It is impossible to imagine living comfortably in that house. Perhaps we should dub it “La Maison Vertige”.

Fri Oct 17 13:30:50 2014


they give you a headache? , lol, i agree

Fri Oct 17 13:30:50 2014

a Broad

Most of her rooms give me a headache.. but I do like that book case.

Fri Oct 17 13:30:50 2014


Christina….wow what a great post! My God that girl has style! Hey I just added greig & my sparrow to my new list of “beautiful blogs”, that way I can keep up with all your greatest stuff all the time. I appreciate your support and friendship over at TLPC.
xo Lisa

Fri Oct 17 13:30:50 2014


Love her or hate her, it’s hard to deny that the lady has talent. Even when her taste level doesn’t appeal to me on a personal level, it’s always interesting, unique, eye-catching.

p.s.- I’m pretty sure the last issue of Cookie Magazine featured a close-up of her sons’ library. I loved those bookshelves.

Fri Oct 17 13:30:50 2014

Paulo Saraiva.

I Love Kelly.
Beautiful post and beautiful blog.
I go added on my list.
Congatulations, Paulo.

Fri Oct 17 13:30:49 2014


Love it……love it …………there is enough banal….commercial……dumbed-

down work out there…..Bravo Kelly !

Fri Oct 17 13:30:49 2014

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