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Posted March 05, 2010 by Christina

I love the faux bois tables and lamps. I think they can make just the right impact when they are not overdone!

I love the Willa bed... I have one in my room and I have to say it is one of the best constructed pieces of furniture that I have ever purchased!

This chandelier is my dream! All of their lighting is amazing!

I cannot say enough about Oly. Their pieces are unique and beautiful! Just that special touch that a space needs. The lighting is some of my favorite! I have used several pieces in different jobs and been very happy with them. They have opened a flagship store in Tribeca in New York in the past year. Have you been? What do you think?

(it is possible that I said I love too many times in this post)
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Oly is one of my favorites. I went to the new showroom in Tribeca just after Thanksgiving. I liked it. So much great stuff.

Fri Oct 17 13:35:18 2014

Acanthus and Acorn

I am a fan of OLY. It’s so hard not to be!!!

Fri Oct 17 13:35:18 2014

Dumbwit Tellher

I’ve loved you Oly for so long ♥

Fri Oct 17 13:35:18 2014

Francine Gardner

They actually opened their shop 2 blocks away from my showroom Interieurs. Their showroom is beautiful, very modern, all white. I have used their pieces in some of my projects as they work really well with my furniture. I was on a job in East Hamptons yesterday and one of their side table was just approved by my clients. It looks great next to our canopy bed.

Fri Oct 17 13:35:18 2014


Love it all! Thank you so much for introducing us to OLY!!

Fri Oct 17 13:35:17 2014

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