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Posted March 11, 2010 by Christina

I know that there have been like a million posts on books and bookcases lately.. I found these yesterday and just had to share! The bottom one is my fav- oh I like the top one too!

Have a great day!

images via rum


Love the bottom shot also. Procrastinating…have to finish painting my bookcases…and here you taunt me! Merci! Trish

Fri Oct 17 13:35:59 2014

A Perfect Gray

love the unbound look of the books in the last shot. I have done so many things with my books: covered them in white paper/taken off the white paper/turned them around so that the spines are in the back – a la pottery barn, etc. Silly girl that I am.

Fri Oct 17 13:35:59 2014

Charlotta Ward

All three images are fantastic!
Who can live without books?!?

Wonderful inspiration.

Happy weekend.


PS. I so look forward to receiving your posts in my mailbox. They are fantastic. x

Fri Oct 17 13:35:58 2014

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