Thank you so very much!

April 02, 2010

I wanted to say thank you very much for a little blog love!(A few of these are a little on the late side...sorry)

Thank you to Shoebox Decor for the Sunshine Award! Very sweet of you to think of me!

Thank you also to A Perfect Gray for the Beautiful Blogger award!  What a wonderful post!

Thank you to Space for Inspiration for the Sunshine Award!  You always inspire me!

So now it is customary to say a few things about myself....

I am always inspired by a wonderful display or a great outfit.  It is just the little things I suppose.. I have been this way since I was a kid.
I love nature... trees, bugs, animals, flowers, water, mountains.  However, I don't like to swim in the ocean (except Hawaii), I am not a huge fan of skiing, and I am afraid of spiders.  I prefer to just watch and enjoy.

I love picnics!

My favorite vacation destination is Paris, France.

I love handmade dishes deeply.
The Hydrangea is my FAVORITE of any flower around. EVER.

I believe that a home is made of memories and momentos and should show those who visit who really lives there.

Now to pass along some love... I would like to pass the Beautiful Blogger award onto

Thank you all for all of your fantastic inspiration and support!
Have a wonderful Holiday and Weekend!


images from Roland Bello