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Posted April 09, 2010 by Christina

So my love for the room in the top picture is obvious.  Well, I stumbled onto this room on From the Right Bank on a guest post from Isabella and Max rooms and I am thinking that this would be a great way to create the look of the wall.  I am going to have to try this!!  What do you think?  Check out the whole post and see what she did with the collage too, which is amazing!

Have a good weekend!


Simply Defined Design

It looks so cool!! Go for it!!!
I just launched my new vintage jewelry line on my Etsy Shop! Stop by and check it out!!! Thanks for inspiring!! Have a great week!! Best, Connie

Fri Oct 17 13:41:20 2014

vosges paris

Ohh this is such a post to my heart, I am preparing a post about my chalkboard painted door and wall…. well this one is 1000 times better but I think you could try this !.. It is kinda like chalk painted walls, so you could also choose for a paint like that!

here is a link for you you maybe did not know:
check out the gallery of There are some really great grays you def. would like!

have a great weekend!

Fri Oct 17 13:41:20 2014

A Perfect Gray

your eye is amazing, Christina. I am a follower of I & M Rooms and remember thinking, ‘ahhh, those walls’ as she was doing the chalkpaint process. You are so right, after the walls are painted, rub chalk on with the side of the chalk stick, then wipe off. You will probably be in heaven…I am constantly amazed at how similar our aesthetic is…

Fri Oct 17 13:41:20 2014

Charlotta Ward

Oh yes absolutely!! I have just been to the right bank and back.. It looks great!
Am so keeping this one file – one day..

Can’t wait to see your result. Good luck!

xx Charlotta

Fri Oct 17 13:41:19 2014


That room in the top picture is heaven in a room to me !! Everything that I love. I hope that you give it a try and it turns out beautifully. I’m sure that it will. XXXX

Fri Oct 17 13:41:19 2014

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