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Posted May 05, 2010 by Christina

There is a difference between a home that is "designed" and a home that is lived in - don't you think? I love the idea of personal treasure! When you have pieces that are of great value to you in your home, not necessarily valuable, but that hold memories or give you a feeling of specialness, your house becomes a home. I love a designed space with a great mix of fun, found, sometimes mismatched items. It is a great pleasure to shop for your home while you travel or collect an item of interest to you. So remember you can take something home with you where ever you go. This is what makes up personal treasure and makes your house a home.

Not to mention life is better when you are surrounded by wonderful things- shoes included!

images via atlanta home mag



Absolutely agree with you. A home is where your greatest treasure are.

Fri Oct 17 13:46:32 2014

red ticking

LOVE that wingback… xx

Fri Oct 17 13:46:32 2014

the polished pebble

I always love to stop by and check out your latest photos! Perfect as usual.

xo kelley

Fri Oct 17 13:46:32 2014

Morning T

Love this post, and the shoes!!

Fri Oct 17 13:46:32 2014


Absolutely it is those special treasure and momentos that bring meaning to design and art. Inspirations!

Art by Karena

Fri Oct 17 13:46:32 2014


Fantastic and REAL! It’s so important that our homes tells our story. Thanks for the reminder.

Fri Oct 17 13:46:31 2014

Beadboard UpCountry

This was nice. Having a design oriented shop sometimes I feel so anxious about my HOUSE. You are right that’s where the treasures are….Maryanne xo

Fri Oct 17 13:46:31 2014

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