Ashington house {part 1}

Posted May 21, 2010 by Christina


Sometimes a house comes around that I am in love with (well maybe a lot of the time).. this is one of those times...I love the soft colors and the simplicity of the pieces with the rough wood and the clean walls...

images via stills locations



LOVE this house -it would be such a beautiful beach house – all of that dreamy white!

Fri Oct 17 13:49:02 2014

A Perfect Gray

stairs are awesome…

Fri Oct 17 13:49:02 2014

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart

That house is EVERYTHING I love! the clean sparkling walls the white furniture the dark rough wood accents. Heaven! great post! merci.

Fri Oct 17 13:49:01 2014


That living room has me swooning!! Love the elephant toy on the coffee table…

Fri Oct 17 13:49:01 2014

Miss Baptista

It takes my breath away !

Fri Oct 17 13:49:01 2014


SO Beautiful!

Fri Oct 17 13:49:01 2014

heather jenkinson

there’s a ton of inspiration in this post – thank you! I’m fascinated with how they’ve played with scale on this project. It’s very well done.

Fri Oct 17 13:49:01 2014

Full House

You were smart to break down that home into more than one post. I had to keep taking photos out because my post had gotten too long but there were so many beautiful images. Love it!

xx – Christina

Fri Oct 17 13:49:00 2014

Wahzat Gayle

wow I love this almost as much as I loved the space in your post yesterday.

Fri Oct 17 13:49:00 2014

Bonjour from Switzerland!

You find the most beautiful, inspiring pictures…I love these rooms! Thanks!

Fri Oct 17 13:49:00 2014


This is really nice!… I think what makes it stand out is the large scale of most of the pieces… there is nothing timid about it, but rather bold and deliberate…

Fri Oct 17 13:49:00 2014

Janina Lear

I agree
I want to move in right now and never leave

Fri Oct 17 13:48:59 2014


What a great house. It has a very organic feel to it.

Fri Oct 17 13:48:59 2014

Beadboard UpCountry

I like the stairs too but just the whole mix worked the rough wood with the chairs woven chairs and the matelasse tablecloth…..Simple chandelier….. very nice.Maryanne xo

Fri Oct 17 13:48:59 2014

Harmoni og Kontrast

Love the first one in particular – thank you:-)

Fri Oct 17 13:48:59 2014

Charlotta Ward

Yes, lots of amazing detail and finishes to drool over. May be a tad over dressed for my taste, but looking at the core elements I too am in love.

Have a relaxing and sunny weekend Christina. Hope you get to have some time off this one. :)

x Charlotta

Fri Oct 17 13:48:59 2014


I am in love.

Fri Oct 17 13:48:58 2014

Blueprint Bliss


Fri Oct 17 13:48:58 2014


You find the absolute BEST things to show us. I never thought I could love anything like this, but you’ve convinced me, and now I am captivated.
All the best, sweetie. xx’s

Fri Oct 17 13:48:58 2014


heureuse de decouvrir ton blog grace a harmony og kontrast j’aime beaucoup la grande piece blanche avec tous les pots, aussi l’escalier …je repasserai a bientot

Fri Oct 17 13:48:58 2014

Courtney Tan

Love the striped fabric on the chairs, any resources available on the house?

Fri Oct 17 13:48:57 2014

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