Loft life... Soft industrial

Posted June 04, 2010 by Christina

This is such a great space.  It is a little soft industrial... Not too much.. Just right!


The Cedar Shingled Barn

Wow! Love the brick wall with the bench, urn, etc….in the first pic. The old building with outdoor setting in the last. Very nice.


Fri Oct 17 13:51:12 2014

vosges paris

you gave this post the perfect name ! Soft industrial , love it!
have a great weekend

Fri Oct 17 13:51:12 2014

Balsamo Antiques and Interior Design

great architecture
great style
great mix

Fri Oct 17 13:51:11 2014


Wonderful! I believe I could live there forever! smiles.

Fri Oct 17 13:51:11 2014


It is soft and industrial. They did a great job of adding warmth to a space with so much concrete and steel. I love those leather chairs! They’re very masculine and rustic!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

Fri Oct 17 13:51:11 2014

Something White

This soft and cozy industrial style really gives me a good feeling! Beautiful brown leather chairs… would like to have some of them :)
Best regards, Marjolijn

Fri Oct 17 13:51:11 2014

a Broad

We lived in an “industrial” loft apartment before moving here to Buenos Aires. We lived in Portland Oregon.
The most wonderful thing about that apartment was the windows. It was wrap around floor to ceiling windows with city and mountain views. With a huge terrace.
With so much sky and light coming in, it didn’t feel like we were in a concrete space. Of course, 20 ft high ceilings help too .
I really enjoyed that apartment. I would do it again.

Fri Oct 17 13:51:11 2014

Beadboard UpCountry

As usual sophisticated eye candyMaryanne:)

Fri Oct 17 13:51:10 2014


It works perfectly, very good mix and design, very liveable!

Art by Karena

Fri Oct 17 13:51:10 2014

Jane, Naples, Florida

I have NEVER seen one thing on this site that
I was not in love with! It is absolutely as
perfect as can be!

Flora Doora

Fri Oct 17 13:51:10 2014


This place is gorgeous! Perfect balance, wonderful light, and fabulous architecture.

Hope you have had a great weekend!

After Adornment

Fri Oct 17 13:51:09 2014

Charlotta Ward

Yes it’s perfect. Love the air and dimension of this place.
Not sure if you read my recent post on ‘hungry lamps’.. If not, do hop across and read it and you’ll know why I giggled when I saw pictures 2 and 3.. :)

Hope you have had a lovely weekend!

xx Charlotta

Fri Oct 17 13:51:09 2014

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