Greige Wedding...

Posted June 29, 2010 by Christina

I am totally in love with this...  So wonderful and feminine...  If I were to do it all again.  This would work just perfectly!!

images via Agent Bauer and 100 layer cake by Lo Bjurulf


Charlotta Ward

Yes these pics are gorgeous. Never tire of them and am totally smitten by that grey feather!
The concept is via IKEA and is part of a recent campaign in celebration of the Swedish Crown Princess’ wedding.
You can see the other concept designs via

x Charlotta

Fri Oct 17 13:54:58 2014


Sigh…that was just lovely, thank you! I love the sweet soft colors.

Fri Oct 17 13:54:58 2014

red ticking

A M A Z I N G… maybe someday for me… will you please be my wedding planner?… he he

Fri Oct 17 13:54:58 2014

pve design

wonderful image! makes me feel al lovey dovey!

Fri Oct 17 13:54:57 2014

Wahzat Gayle

it is very romantic and old school .

Fri Oct 17 13:54:57 2014

Christina Loucks Ahumada

Love the vintage, simplicity and romance of the shots. Thanks for sharing!

Fri Oct 17 13:54:57 2014


It’s so romantic and timeless. I heart it. Heidi

Fri Oct 17 13:54:57 2014


so romantic and pretty!! It feels like such a natural and comfortable setting to party.

Fri Oct 17 13:54:57 2014

Fine Bessot (L'Elegante)

Magnifique ambiance!
Peut-être pour autre chose qu’un mariage ? Je suis une célibataire endurcie (!)
Les photos sont sublimes.

Electronic translation :
Magnificent atmosphere!
Maybe for the other thing than a marriage? I am a hardened (!) single woman
Photos are sublime.

Fine Bessot

Fri Oct 17 13:54:56 2014

Jane, Naples, Florida

Perfect and simple!

Flora Doora

Fri Oct 17 13:54:56 2014

My Yellow House

Gorgeous! If I had it to do again…this is exactly how I would do it. I wish blogs were around when I planned my wedding ~

I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through your previous posts – it’s all beautiful and full of wonderful inspiration. Looking forward to following along ~

Sarah xo

Fri Oct 17 13:54:56 2014

Milk and Honey Home

Your images invoke such lovely moods. Maybe at our 25 year I can do this! beautiful

Fri Oct 17 13:54:56 2014

Sarah @ Maison Boheme

Oh wow. These images make me want to get married all over again. How elegant! How romantic! Thanks for the beautiful post – as always!

Fri Oct 17 13:54:56 2014


Utterly romantic!

Fri Oct 17 13:54:55 2014


OMG ! This would absolutely be the perfect wedding! Love the whites on that vintage looking wall and the soft colored spots of the details! Great class!

Fri Oct 17 13:54:55 2014


I want THIS wedding (if I ever get married, of course…) _

Fri Oct 17 13:54:55 2014

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greige: (gra, grège, gray)
adj: not bleached or dyed;
unfinished; raw