David Met Nicole- At Home

Posted July 14, 2010 by Christina

A while back I came across one of my new favorite shops {it would be more favorite if I could ever ever visit} David met Nicole.  They have an amazing eye for the unusual and the fun side of design.  Love them!  Here are some pictures of their home..  Love that too...

images via moodboard and hotze eisma



I have to tell you, the shop is even more amazing in real life! So much gorgeousness in once place, it’s hard to know where to look first. Will be visiting again next time I’m in Sydney. So enjoying following your lovely blog by the way! K xx

Fri Oct 17 13:56:31 2014


Hi Christina,

The store looks fantastic! Honestly!!

About your question on my blogpost today and thank you so much for stopping by),I have to say that maybe you know the word conservatory.
It is more English and it was meant to store the flowers and plants in winter. Here in Belgium it has become a sort of trend the last years to have an orangery and it is more become a place where you gather with friends or family enjoying the outside view into the garden. Sometimes you will discover even flowers and plants to evoque the spirit of the earlier conservatories.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!
ps Did I told you lately that I soooo enjoy your beautiful blog!!!

Fri Oct 17 13:56:31 2014

a Broad

How charming !
I have one of those lanterns hanging in my laundry room :)

Fri Oct 17 13:56:31 2014

La Maison Fou

I am in love with that birdcageand heart / cross of metal. I must go now and check out the site.

Fri Oct 17 13:56:31 2014

A Perfect Gray


Fri Oct 17 13:56:31 2014

Fine Bessot

Quelles merveilles !

english :
What marvels!
Thank you.

Fri Oct 17 13:56:30 2014

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greige: (gra, grège, gray)
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