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Meeting Dan Marty....

July 20, 2010

So you can say it!  I am a designer groupie!!  I was so excited a few weeks back when I went to a warehouse sale - we were all lined up waiting to go inside and I turn around and what do you know - Dan Marty is standing right in front of me!  I was amazed..  I have never seen a super amazing wonderful designer  SHOPPING!!! Hello it was like a glimpse into a secret world.  A world where dreams come true... 

Anyway,  I asked for a picture and he was so very sweet and posed with me.  We chatted about his design business and his store and the blog.  It is such a nice thing to meet someone and have them be a truly nice person.  So now I love him more!!! 

The top pictures are of his store at the Design Center and his current space.  The bottom photos are of the sale and of my loot!..

Have a great day and may you meet a really sweet designer or other professional that you admire today!!

images via dmd and the los angeles times

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