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Posted July 21, 2010 by Christina

So after all of this yummy goodness I finally decided to just subscribe and make my life simple... I have fallen deeply in love with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine and now I will be receiving this little beauty in my mail box each month..  How about you?  Do you get them delivered to your door?  

I live no where near the ATL but I love the houses and the designers...

images from Atlanta homes & lifestyles and adventures of tartanscot



The large dome pendant lights over the kitchen counter are heavenly. They look like they are upcycled from something else. Do you know what? It’s driving me crazy :-)

Tue May 24 18:36:44 2016

blue sky butterfly studio

It’s funny isn’t it. How you like a style and it is never on your doorstep. I am in London and I like your style!

Fri Oct 17 13:57:40 2014


No I don;t get this to my door, but I might NEED to!
<3 Cara

Fri Oct 17 13:57:40 2014

A Perfect Gray

wow! that last kitchen looks like that wonderful amazing gray color…

Fri Oct 17 13:57:40 2014


Maravilloso estilo! Adoro esas casas!!

Un saludo.


Fri Oct 17 13:57:40 2014

mary bairstow

I love the magazine as well. One picture features art by Courtney J Garrett. Please google her and see her tremendous body of work. Thanks Mary Bairstow

Fri Oct 17 13:57:39 2014


I had no idea before moving here how much Atlantans are into their homes. It’s heaven for me! And I think AH&L is the best local/regional design publication around.

Fri Oct 17 13:57:39 2014


These images make my heart beat just a little bit faster~I am totally going to subscribe TODAY~!

Fri Oct 17 13:57:39 2014


That kitchen in the first picture is sooo perfect! And those candelabres …Speechless…

Fri Oct 17 13:57:39 2014


I have been receiving this magazine for quite a while and it has been one of my favorites… it is a real class act… ~Terri

Fri Oct 17 13:57:38 2014

Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

The first kitchen is just to die for. And those chairs! Bliss…

Fri Oct 17 13:57:38 2014


Gorgeous images. I’m heading to their site right now. ;-)

Fri Oct 17 13:57:38 2014

Becky@Tea Party

I just subscribed ;)…I am smitten!

Fri Oct 17 13:57:38 2014

Wahzat Gayle


Fri Oct 17 13:57:38 2014

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Love every photos you have shared. Beautiful.

Paula M

Fri Oct 17 13:57:37 2014

Things That Inspire

I think Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles is better than most of the national magazines. It is great to live in a city with so many beautiful houses, inside and out, so many talented designers and architects, and an extremely talented magazine editor!

Fri Oct 17 13:57:37 2014

Blayne Beacham

So true! Atlantains love homes! (Thank goodness for me) … It’s such a great place to live for architects and interior designers. I found your blog through Clinton (AH&L) and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. I am adding you to my blog roll on “This Photographers Life” and will be back soon.

Fri Oct 17 13:57:37 2014


The first kitchen is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They are all exquisite though – thanks for making my day!

Fri Oct 17 13:57:37 2014


Lovely images. Please, can someone tell me how to live with white slipcovered sofas and still keep the kids and dogs!

Fri Oct 17 13:57:37 2014

Lissa @ After Adornment

I love and subscribe to this magazine….and not just because I live in Atlanta! The stories and spreads are always so great. I agree with From The Right Bank above. Atlantans are definitely into their homes and it shows in this magazine.

Fri Oct 17 13:57:37 2014

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