When William Sonoma was like a dream..

Posted August 20, 2010 by Christina

Do you remember when the William Sonoma home catalog was like a dream world...?  I do.. I so miss that.

Stop by From the Right Bank for my guest post from this week.. Thank you to Ally for having me...

image via William Sonoma Home



I KNOW! just like acquired said -they’re much too pedestrian and ‘pottery barnish’ now. so sad.

Fri Oct 17 14:02:50 2014

a Broad

I admit that I not only miss William Sonoma but I miss most catalogs too. We can’t get them here and I so clearly remember , gathering those catalogs when the mailman came ( he must have hated me ) and sitting with a cup of tea and browsing through the “wish books” ..

Fri Oct 17 14:02:50 2014

Acquired Objects

I remember their old catalogs and miss them too. Now they’re just another pottery barn. Shame to because I used to buy from them. Thank you for a glance back. Have a wonderful weekend!

Fri Oct 17 14:02:50 2014


Oh I remember Exposures Home- that one was so great too.. So sad that they all think we want to see everything the same everywhere.

Fri Oct 17 14:02:49 2014

24 Corners

I miss all of the old catalogs…the ones that are no longer with us (anyone remember Exposures Home), and the ones who are no longer with us due to the reinventing of themselves into oblivion. So sad.

Fri Oct 17 14:02:49 2014

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd.

Miss them too. That bedroom is dreamy.

Fri Oct 17 14:02:49 2014

Just Verte

I’m so old, I remember when Chuck Williams opened his first store in San Francisco and it featured only cooking utensils!

Same thing happened to Banana Republic. It became just another store. When it first opened, it had all sorts of exotic things from far away lands – like French sailor trousers, which I proudly wore despite the fact that they had a dozen brass buttons one had to undo and refasten to remove them! When you entered the store, faint tropic sounds played in the background or early Frank Sinatra.

Ah, the good old days.. when a catalog in the mail was a good thing.


Fri Oct 17 14:02:49 2014

Charlotta Ward

My word! What a room!
The wall treatment is wonderful! What is it!?! A vertical panel on a wood clad wall? Looks amazing.

And don’t get me started on the artwork.. and the floor with that rug.. mixed with a touch of glam eccentricity in that chest of drawers.

xx Charlotta

P.S. Loved your guest post the other day. Over at Ally’s.. xx

Fri Oct 17 14:02:48 2014

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