Exposed kitchen storage

Posted August 31, 2010 by Christina

More and more I am seeing exposed kitchen storage. Which I love - so much fun to show off all of your wonderful dishes even if you are not using them! Easy to access and makes a great layered display.  Of course I like the pieces with all of the cream and white dishes as well as the French pieces.

What do you think? Yes or no?

images via capital kitchen, Emersonmade, alice and me, willows home and garden, capital kitchen and arcobaleno


Splendid Sass

I love the open kitchens. These a beautiful kitchens!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:36 2014

La Maison Fou

I am going to redo my kitchen and definately open storage will be on the menu. I particularly like the last photo.
I think the casualness is nice against a fine cabinet or dishware.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:36 2014

Mrs. Sutton

I LOVE open storage – it’s such a modern rustic look. All of my kitchens have had open shelving – particularly as I have an obsession with cream and white crockery, which pulls the look together. lovely images! xx

Fri Oct 17 14:04:35 2014


I love open storage but I don’t dare cause I’m afraid it will not stay clean for a long time (you know, dust, odours etc). How all those people with open storage manage to keep it looking nice? I’d love to find a way so I can make one of my own one day!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:35 2014

A Perfect Gray

loved the look of the fourth one!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:35 2014


OH MY! Those kitchens are just GORGEOUS! I’m just swooning over that last one….it’s FABULOUS! Converting a few of our most used cabinets to open shelving was the BEST design decision I’ve ever made. I STILL love it everyday! He’s the link if you’d like to see… and my cabinets are a charcoal black (called Beluga) and the island is dove grey (called French Silver)

Fri Oct 17 14:04:35 2014


Love the look…in photos! If one cooks in one’s kitchen, open shelving means a lot of dishwashing!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:35 2014

Just Verte

While some open storage can be both convenient and attractive, a few of the pictures look like they’re of kitchen supply shops…too much of too much.

I’m with one of the bloggers above – how does one keep all this spotless?

But that’s just me…being a practical Virgo!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:34 2014

Breanna and Matt

I love it! We’re remodeling our house right now ( and the kitchen is up next on the list! I def want to do open shelves!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:34 2014

Renee@Modus Operandi Designs

I just recently took out a row of upper cabinets in my kitchen and did open shelving and I LOVE IT.
It’s surprisingly low maintenance and looks amazing.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:34 2014

Tina Steele Lindsey

I love it and when it isn’t too much, and fairly monochromatic. These are great images! Nice!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:34 2014

Things That Inspire

No, definitely no. I am too messy, and I simply don’t like the look! My design team tried to talk me into it in one area of our kitchen, but I held firm.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:33 2014


Hi, could you please indicate the source of the last picture? I would love to see more of that kitchen

Fri Oct 17 14:04:33 2014

Acquired Objects

I love the look and idea behind exposed kitchen shelves but the dust and grease. In my experience the grease is the number one problem since it gets everywhere…if you cook. But it looks wonderful!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:33 2014

Jane Flanagan

I love the look and have some exposed shelves myself. Based on my experience, I would only open shelf display those dishes you use (and therefore wash) frequently. Otherwise, things get a sticky kitchen layer on them. If I was building a kitchen, I would have a mix of open, behind glass (for display) and closed shelves.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:33 2014

kimberly at mimicharmante

if I had such a gorgeous collection of dishes and dinnerware, I would LOVE having it all exposed – it is stunning!

Fri Oct 17 14:04:32 2014


I love the look of open storage and think a small display is so pretty. I wouldn’t want all of my dishes and glassware on open shelves or they’d be dusty and slightly greasy anytime you reach for a glass.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:32 2014


I adore open shelves! I love seeing all the lovely dishes and cups and bowls I’ve collected. The whole display makes me so happy :)

Fri Oct 17 14:04:32 2014


Yes, definitely yes! I love exposed storage, and you have picked some great and pretty examples.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:32 2014

la habitación de Pandora

I especially like the cuisine of the third image. The area of storage is great with this beautiful loza . Greetings

Fri Oct 17 14:04:32 2014

Dovecote Decor

I love my china collections, so I love to see them, but not my pantry! Pretty post.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:31 2014

Sarah's Fab Day

I say YES! I just did a post about this very dilemma in my own home.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:31 2014

Christina @ greige and My Sparrow

WOW- who knew it was such a great subject! I think it is perfect for dishes that you use often… I don’t cook much so I don’t know about getting the kitchen greasy.. (sad huh)

Victorian in bloom- the last picture is from arcobaleno. (Any other pictures that you are looking for sources on they are all listed in order at the bottom of the post).

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments I always appriciate them!


Fri Oct 17 14:04:31 2014

Lissa @ After Adornment

I’m a Yes!!! I love this look especially with all white dishes.

Fri Oct 17 14:04:31 2014

Dans på roser

This is gorgeous!


Fri Oct 17 14:04:30 2014

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