I heart grey

Posted September 29, 2010 by Christina

Thank you so much for all of your comments yesterday!  I LOVED them!  When I came across these pictures I almost fell off of my chair.  I so need to paint a room grey in this house!  I wonder if I can do it myself.  The walls are at leas 15 feet high so I am not so sure and then there is the buffet full of goodies to contend with.  Hum may just have to break down and hire someone to do it... 

The heart is so whimsical and fantastic- don't you think?  I wish I could be that way but I am pretty picky!

images via living inside



I do too! Love the heart picture =) xo

Fri Oct 17 14:08:25 2014

vosges paris

huh where is my comment..

Fri Oct 17 14:08:25 2014

Linda in AZ *

As they say… “JUST D*O IT”, girlfriend!!! You’ll be SOOOO happy you did!!! Had our bedroom painted BM’s Ashley Grey (Yes, we have HIGH ceilings, too!) and oooh, even my hubby L*O*V*E*S it!!! Sooo sooothing…. sooo pretty!!!…

And note: I ALWAYS L*O*V*E coming here!!! Annnd, I’d much rather see, hear or read “love” than hate, wouldn’t you? Sooo, don’t worry about using the word too much~~~ you CAN’T!!!

Happy smiles,
Linda in AZ *
(ADORED yesterday’s posting… DIVINE!!!)

Fri Oct 17 14:08:25 2014


beautiful images! I totally love your style, it feels as if I’ve chosen these by myself!

Fri Oct 17 14:08:25 2014


All of these pictures are just AMAZING! I’m loving it, thats for sure! Have a great day :) ~Ashley

Fri Oct 17 14:08:24 2014

Acquired Objects

These images are so much fun with the gray peeking out. I can’t believe you of all people don’t have a gray room, just do it. Even I have a somewhat gray room, it was a gray gone bad…purple!

Fri Oct 17 14:08:24 2014


I’m such a fan of gray, too!! Really love the cupboard with the sliding doors…

Fri Oct 17 14:08:24 2014

a Broad

The Peonies looks so fantastic in that grey pitcher !
You can do it but after you are about half way done, you will want to quit. . if you are anything like me.
I would hire someone.
I also heart Greige.

Fri Oct 17 14:08:24 2014

A Perfect Gray

i heart you, greige…

Fri Oct 17 14:08:24 2014

♥SimaG Personalized Jewelry♥

THANK YOU so much for sharing this beautiful post!


Fri Oct 17 14:08:23 2014


Acquired objects- it is funny I actually have a couple of grey- greige rooms. I had selected all grey paint out when we moved here and when it got on the walls it turned a purple color that made me crazy. So mid project I switched the main part of the house to Cappuccino by RH. I love the color but I am in need of a dark moody grey to cover up the walls in my dining room which are currently a rich dark brown. Just bored of it I guess..4 years is too many for one color around here!


Fri Oct 17 14:08:23 2014

red ticking

i’m with my pal grey… lovin’ you greige…xx

Fri Oct 17 14:08:23 2014


Me too. I love this post.

Fri Oct 17 14:08:23 2014


OMG, I love that heart painted on the wall with the tiny photo inset. Want it! You are so cool.
I’m supposed to be doing errands, but here I am commenting on your brilliant blog. xx’s

Fri Oct 17 14:08:23 2014


Love your blog and store. Do you know where the table is from in the first photo? It looks like it’s made out of cement. I’m looking for one exactly like it. Thank you!

Fri Oct 17 14:08:22 2014

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greige: (gra, grège, gray)
adj: not bleached or dyed;
unfinished; raw