December already...

Posted December 01, 2010 by Christina

Each time December rolls around I am reminded of how quickly time passes...  Wishing you a relaxing and wonderful Holiday Season!  

image by Virginia MacDonald



a Broad

Happy December!
I have to go find something that resembles a wreath and hang it Inside the apartment !

Fri Oct 17 14:17:34 2014

LLH Designs

I’ve been in “Christmas Mode” since October because of my card business, but when December 1st hits, I have that “Where on earth did this whole year go?” feeling. This year seemed to fly by faster than all the rest. I’m hoping for a slower 2011!


Fri Oct 17 14:17:33 2014

Boxwood Terrace

It’s hard to believe it’s December already. I hope you have a relaxing and fun holiday season too.

Fri Oct 17 14:17:33 2014

Acquired Objects

I’m always stunned by how fast a year goes by! We hung two huge wreaths on our home and carriage barn this past weekend…love them!

Fri Oct 17 14:17:33 2014

Danielle Oakey Interiors

that oversized wreath is incredible!

Fri Oct 17 14:17:33 2014

abode love

Now THAT is quite a holiday statement… love the huge wreath! Also- that bench is to die for- lovely, thanks for sharing :) and you’re right December came out of nowhere this year!

Fri Oct 17 14:17:33 2014

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