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Wish List: Daniella from Dress, Design & Decor

December 18, 2010

I am very excited to welcome our final Guest blogger in the Wish List series Daniella from Dress, Design & Decor.  Her Blog always makes me so happy - it is so feminine and it is just down right beautiful!

Hello! Daniella here from Dress, Design & Decor. So happy to be here on Greige today sharing a few of my favorites things I'd love for Christmas, and a few things perfect for others on your list...

1. Kate Spade iPhone cover - How could you not be charmed by this adorable "rotary phone" cover for your iPhone? It's a perfect sweet & simple gift for one of your best girlfriends!

2. Archive Leather Boot - I love these riding boots from Madewell. I am in desperate need of a black boot, and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect riding style that's not too wide or clunky looking. They're classic and will last you a lifetime. 

3. Flannel PJ’s - J.Crew and I have a problem. Mostly it's because they keep making pretty things and I’d like to buy them out. Most recently I’ve been coveting these classic plaid pjs in the softest flannel. Perfect for Christmas morning don't you think?

4. Chloé Perfume - I've been lusting after Chloé parfum for quite some time and I’m thinking I should pick up a pretty bottle of my own while the Christmas sales are on (if no one buys it for me first that is, lol).

5. Lilas Diptyque Candle - I absolutely love this candle with it's beautiful lilac scent. It reminds me of Spring and all things French.

6. Stadium Boulevard Trench - Love this classic piece, but in a warmer fabric for the Winter season, especially in the perfect shade of sandstone.

7. J.Crew Bracelets - J.Crew has SO many gorgeous bracelets that's it's hard to possibly pick just one! Crystal, pearls, silver, or gold... so many pretty choices and a perfect precious gift.

8. Mini Shopaholic - All of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic books are such fun reads, so I was super excited to hear she has another book out!

9. Pretty Pieces from Aerie - American Eagle's sister store Aerie is seriously the best place for pretty little girly pieces from pjs to the softest sweaters! I never really thought about Aerie till I wandered in a year or two ago, and now I love seeing what's new every time I wander by.

10. Dancing Dots Cardigan - I've been after this Madewell cardigan for a while now. Grey goes with everything, and the silver dots add a little bit of girly fun!


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