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Posted December 22, 2010 by Christina

So I am sure by now you have realized that I ended up using the sunburst mirror in the dining room. Well- I don't love it, let me rephrase that I don't love the way it looks on the wall. It is smaller than I had envisioned there. I love the mirror. But I have a new idea... (it just came to me really)... I think I am going to do a large grouping there of vintage French documents like maybe 12 or so... hummm..

I may even move out of my comfort zone and put some kind of gold in the framing as opposed to my typical black frame.  It looks so nice on the grey.  Don't you think?

I will have to move the mirror somewhere else though..

Oh and also I just put in some chairs like those shown in the first beautiful photo...

I know it's Christmas and I should be doing important things like wrapping and celebrating and so on, but I am really just dreaming.

Maybe it is all of the rain, I need the sun to survive, I am going a little crazy here!

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images via Linen and Lavender and Wisteria



Acquired Objects

Go for the gold frames I think they would look wonderful against the grey. If your star burst star is smallish why not try it in a bathroom? People always forget powder rooms are great places to try things out.

Fri Oct 17 14:21:32 2014


Christmas is for dreaming, and designers never stop creating! Yes, the French documents would be eye catching in gold, you said? Comfort zones are hard to move out of, I agree wholeheartedly on that one. The mirror might be charming in an unexpected place-a laundry room or above a door? Christmas miracles…believe…

Fri Oct 17 14:21:32 2014


I think the gold frames look great with the grey walls. I too am dreaming of redoing my family room with either grey walls or grey couch!!! Not sure yet. What do you recommend for the color of my walls if I do a charcoal couch??

Fri Oct 17 14:21:32 2014


I think the grouping would be lovely, and gold frames…the perfect touch!!

Fri Oct 17 14:21:31 2014


How are you faring in all of that rain? What a nightmare! All the more reason you should continue to dream!

Greige + gold= yes!

Fri Oct 17 14:21:31 2014

a Broad

I would like to have a small collection of starburst mirrors, over my bed. Or over my sofa.
Or you could consider putting yours in the foyer ..

Fri Oct 17 14:21:31 2014


This is my favorite palette at the moment. A soft charcoal, mother of pearl and a cool gold. It’s very Coltrane and single malt.

Fri Oct 17 14:21:31 2014

I Dream Of

Nothing better than a little dreaming—the Christmas check list can wait a bit. I love the idea of gold frames against the grey…and my little sunburst mirror was moved three times before it found a permanent home against the grey walls of our powder room!
Enjoy the dreaming and checking things off your Christmas list!

Fri Oct 17 14:21:31 2014


I love groupings of framed images—-old, French anything is wonderful (almost always).
I can totally relate—-is it daydreaming to be thinking of decor ideas in the middle of a business meeting?! :-)

Hopefully, SoCal will see sunshine again soon.
Happy Christmas,
Karen at Garden, Home and Party

Fri Oct 17 14:21:30 2014

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greige: (gra, grège, gray)
adj: not bleached or dyed;
unfinished; raw