let the sunshine in

Posted June 16, 2011 by Christina


It has been really beautiful here the last few days in California.  
Sometimes, when I am having a difficult week like this one, I wonder am I doing the right things
with my life? Should I have just stuck with the whole stay at home mom thing?  Then I could just enjoy the sunshine with the kids!

Or just sometimes I wonder would it be easier to just work for someone else and let it all go at the end of the day?  

image via Architectural Digest



Donna Frasca ♋

Wow! How would you dust that sun?

Fri Oct 17 14:49:45 2014


Fabulous photo!
And I definetely know what you mean with all those dilemas…

Fri Oct 17 14:49:45 2014


Lilac and Grey

Fri Oct 17 14:49:45 2014


I can’t decide if I love that bed or not….
sort of like my life — making grown-up decisions is somehow quite hard for me.
Hang in there – and take it easy on yourself.

Fri Oct 17 14:49:44 2014


fabulous sunburst…
…and, this too shall pass…
you have more than enough courage and strength to resolve whatever issue arises…



Fri Oct 17 14:49:44 2014


I’ve never commented before … I just Love your blog … this pic speaks to me. When the sun shines life always seems to be better … I am at a crossroads, so to speak, in my life regarding a career change. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 13 years now, but will son be a business owner, hopefully! I am terrified! and thrilled at the same time … We all want to reach a balanced feeling of accomplishment, success, fulfillment … It takes time! Thanks for the lovely photo this morning!!

Fri Oct 17 14:49:44 2014


If you work for someone else, you don’t really leave it all home at the end of the day .. you have your life/responsibilities Plus their needs.
Staying at home and being Mom is a totally worthy way of life and as satisfying as any big deal job. In this case, in my opinion, it is not the Job but the Person .. some people need more challenge, more praise, more structure , more company ..
There is no perfect solution, whichever you choose, you always wonder if the Other would have been better.
Wait til the difficulties pass, then see if you feel the same way.
The weekend is almost here, that makes things brighter !

Fri Oct 17 14:49:44 2014


Often I ask myself if it’s worth it being self-employed. Doubts are always around the corner.

But after experiencing the freedom that comes with working for yourself, going back to regular employment is more difficult than shedding all the problems and doubts.

Hope your week improves :)

Fri Oct 17 14:49:44 2014

under spanish moss

Christina, follow your heart and know you are doing what you are destined to do! You’re an inspiration for all.
Big hugs
Angela and Renee

Fri Oct 17 14:49:43 2014


Trust me when you work for someone else you can’t let it go at the end of the day….being your own boss rules out working for a boss any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Oct 17 14:49:43 2014

Lovely Home



Fri Oct 17 14:49:43 2014


I have had SO many jobs working for other people and while my current one is the best, I’m still called at home after hours almost daily and on the weekends. I have vowed to myself that someday I will only answer to myself. Hang in there. I agree, Follow your heart! Good Luck!
:) – Cindi

Fri Oct 17 14:49:42 2014

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