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Posted June 30, 2011 by Christina

So we all know how the blog community has opened our eyes to so many wonderful things that we could never have imagined.  I feel so very lucky to have greige connect me in so many ways to a great community of design minded people.  I was so excited when Angela and Renee contacted me while they were in California and I was even more excited to get a chance to meet with them and do my first official interview about greige and My Sparrow.  They are so super sweet and their accents are so fun!!!  

Angela and Renee have created an amazing line of lighting and lanterns that I am loving named La Caze.   They make custom pieces in addition to their standard running line which is fantastic.  Here is a little about the girls and the place that they call home....

When living in South Louisiana, you can find inspiration around every corner. The diversity and history of Louisiana architecture, expansive gardens and timeless elements incorporated into interior design continually inspire us. We met at the ball field when our kids were playing T-ball and were so pleasantly surprised that there was indeed someone else as crazy as we were about interiors, architecture and gardens. From that point on, endless hours were spent in creative endeavors. As a creative outlet, we began designing, building and remodeling every chance we got. As time went on, we became business partners in LaCaze and co-founders of the blog. You never know what wonderful surprises are around the next corner in life. Come along the journey with us as we share our love of interior design and architecture. We hope you enjoy and are inspired, as we take a take a stroll under the Spanish moss. 

It is just so wonderful to see where friendships can take us!

Check out my interview with them on their lovely blog Under Spanish Moss.
images by La Caze


under spanish moss

Accents, what accents? Lol!! We enjoyed getting to know you and doing your interview. We’re so fortunate to have made a special friend through blogging. Thanks for your kind words. Big Hugs, Angela and Renee

Fri Oct 17 14:52:20 2014


Renee and Angela have done a very nice interview of you, capturing some good points about the design basics that you their blog too..

Fri Oct 17 14:52:20 2014


Christina, wait until you hear my Texas accent! Or, perhaps, British if I’m in the mood. These lighting fixtures are making me crazy in a good way. I especially love those covered benches. And, I love you too. xx’s

Fri Oct 17 14:52:19 2014


Angela and Renee, you’re the greatest!

Silver MLM

Fri Oct 17 14:52:19 2014

The enchanted home

They are great, I so agree and I am so excited about their new website. I was counting down the days until it launched, as we get closer to moving I will be looking more seriously at all their fabulous offerings. Think their comment was so spot on about in Lousiana there being inspiration at every turn, thats the south for you, a hotbed of tradition and great taste. I love that you got to meet too! That’s one of the wonderful perks of being a part of blogworld!

Fri Oct 17 14:52:19 2014


Go Angela and Renee! La Caze has an impresive collection of items, even for us northeners!

Fri Oct 17 14:52:19 2014


I love Angela and Renee, I follow their blog and they are amazing, they always have time to leave comments on their followers blogs, (thing that not all bloggers do) but even that they are so busy (and I see them as celebrities of blogland)they always have a nice comment for you. I found your amazing blog through them.
Have a beautiful day!

Fri Oct 17 14:52:19 2014


Loved the interview!!

Fri Oct 17 14:52:18 2014


This whole post and interview is utterly delicious. Oh how I wish I could step into some of those pictures with a pot of tea, a blanket and a hefty novel.

Fri Oct 17 14:52:18 2014

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