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Posted September 29, 2011 by Christina


So here it goes..  I know I don't say much about myself but sometimes I want to spill some of the beans...  I am curious about you my lovely readers so I figure I have to let you know a little something about me right..
So here we go.. I have a list, sometimes it's just a mental list, sometimes it is a written list (but rarely).  It is a list of things I want to do in this life and let's face it, life is moving by pretty quickly around here so I have to keep working on making this list happen just about every day.  I did not think of it that way until my Mom said to me "if she wants to do it she will make it happen" in reference to a buying trip I want to take in France.  This is part of my to do list for myself- my personal goals so to speak....
  1. Have a space I have designed published
  2. Take a buying Trip to France and bring back a whole container full of goodness
  3. Have a shop (even if just for a little while)
  4. Live in France for 6 months with my family (in a gorgeous space like the one above)
  5. Learn French and Spanish
  6. Write/publish a beautiful design book
  7. Expand greige studio to include upholstery and accessories
  8. Finish my house (ha ha)
  9. Stop and smell the roses
  10. Travel to Africa
Okay so now I simply must know if you will share with me what your to do list holds right now!!!  {Please} I would love to know what others are thinking they would like to accomplish with their lives.

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That is a lovely list and absolutely doable !
I have done many of the things on my list so far, and have done things that I never thought to put on a list and those have given me the most happiness.
So Remember – not planning some things or enjoying the unplanned, surprise parts of life make it worthwhile.

I never dreamt I would move to live in Argentina.

Many of the things on your list are very doable .. I would put at the top of it … Stop and Appreciate what you have .
Not that you don’t , but I know so many people who are “driven” by goals and work and never really stop and take pleasure from what they have.

and speaking of stopping and taking pleasure, your blog is a treat, every day, for me :)

Fri Oct 17 15:08:38 2014

Acquired Objects

Christina your list is doable you just have to do it! As for my list I think I may have to do a little thinking on it since I’ve managed to accomplish most of what I wanted to do. Except for my home I wonder if it will ever be done. I think the only thing I haven’t done yet and I’m dying to is live in Italy if even for a short while. Thank you for sharing!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:38 2014

*The Beautiful Life*

Well our lists would greatly parallel each others! In particular, #‘s 2, 3, 8, & 9. :)

Like you, I’ve had my online shop for many years (mine, for 12 years) and always with a brick & mortar as the goal.

Paramount on my list would be to MOVE — get out of Florida forever and move to a beautiful place with 4 seasons. :)

There could be so many things added to these wonderful life wish-lists, but boiled down, to live beautifully wherever one finds oneself is a lovely life accomplishment, no? :)

I’ve loved your blog for so long — thank you for bringing such loveliness to us! :)


P.S. Guess what my little word verification was down at the bottom here before I could publish my comment? “DREAM”. No kidding. :)

Fri Oct 17 15:08:38 2014


Christina, I’d say you’re already fluent in “Greige” which is close enough to speaking French!

Oh, I still want to write my novel… And yes, visit Africa…let’s go together! Elephants should so rule the world.


Fri Oct 17 15:08:38 2014

Cindy Albert

Because I follow your blog religiously, it is nice to have some insight into the person behind the blog. You are so right that life passes quickly and if we aren’t careful to “design” it, we could miss many great opportunities. Wouldn’t six months in France be wonderful?!

Speaking of bucket lists, I’ve just returned from Yosemite where a friend and I just made it to the top of Half Dome. This was on his “list” of things to accomplish. What an amazing experience!

My list:

1. Grow my design business/firm
2. Have a home with a wonderful outside dining area

3. Stay closely connected to my sons as they graduate from college and start their careers and families

4. Go on safari in Africa

5. Make an important contribution to the planet through energy efficient lighting design

6. See as many of the planets beautiful beaches as possible

7. I’ve always thought I would like to be a motivational speaker. I so admire people who have shared their story of triumphing over adversity

8. Be in a position where I could make large contributions to Orangewood childrens Home or one of the Arts programs that help

9. Reach my full potential

10. Help my kids to reach their dull potential

Wow, coming up with ten items was a challenge! Thank you for making me think. :)

Fri Oct 17 15:08:37 2014

French Basketeer.com

It’s so important to put your goals out there to the universe; one by one I am sure they will be ticked off the list! It’s funny that we share some of the same goals, like having a shop and publishing a book. Though at this point in the economy I am glad to only have a virtual store! As for France and French, give it some time; I am in that boat too; now working away and not able to spend 6 months there, but the time will come! I admire your list Christina!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:37 2014

Tricia Rose

I have done so many things which were on my list (I’m older than you) – I had a wonderful house in France for eleven years, loved my neighbours there, became fluent – I would say that was the biggest thing. So I’m with your mother!
Now I dream of living and working for at least six months in New York City, Madrid, Prague, Tokyo, each time taking enough time for it to sink in. Will I do it? Perhaps.
The idea of a bricks and mortar shop makes my blood run cold! I love my online shop: I have time to communicate with my customers, low overheads, no staff, no interruptions, no commute. I love it.

Fri Oct 17 15:08:37 2014

Divine Theatre

Your mother is very wise!
My list scares me, as it is so outside my realm of comfort!

My lifelong dream is to adopt as many children as I can and open a sanctuary for animals with housing for the elderly. I have dreams of “unwanted” children sitting in circles around the elderly residents, listening to stories of their lives…while “unwanted” animals, dogs, cats, horses, frolic on the property.
We would grow a huge garden that we could all work in, side by side.
Not very glamorous, I know.
It means that the “things” I hold so dear would have to go!
I’m not going to live forever. I really need to get moving in that direction with a bit of alacrity!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:37 2014

MJH Design Arts

Hi Christina, Love your list. I’ve checked off quite a few of your items. I always have a list. Sometimes I’ve accomplished a list point and not realized it until much later because the goal has morphed a bit. But definitely go for it. Creative people are not supposed to go passively into the night. Mary

Fri Oct 17 15:08:36 2014

Susannah Forshey

Your blog is my daily visual inspiration! To think you have inspired so many people….this in itself is a great accomplishment! I hope you value yourself enough to feel you have already done some remarkable things in your life. Contentment is almost as valuable a virtue as goal-marking. Behold! Your taste is perfectection, your blog is amazing, your imagination is inspiring to hundreds! You already are there!!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:36 2014


Hi Christina,
C’est tout simplement classe!
Beautiful photo!
Have a good day!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:36 2014


My bucket list is to long to list! But several on your list are also on mine.

You are right that time does pass by quickly…One minute you are 20 something and doing your own thing. Then voila, you are a “woman of a certain age” trying to figure out just how all that time escaped you!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:36 2014


Hi Christina, You sound like a young me. I have done about half of your goals as I was driven, also. I am currently taking French for the second time with renewed dedication. I have a great and very fun teacher who is in your neighborhood! Let me know if you would like the info!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:36 2014


our lists are the same! even going to Africa! writing lists and sending it out there is the first step towards making it happen. thanks for sharing!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:35 2014


What a great list! I believe wholeheartedly in the concept of putting intentions out there for the universe to start working on connecting all the dots and getting the wheels rolling. I lived in Paris for two years, in a 18th c. apartment with herringbone parquet floors, and believe that adventure began in a similar way. My most recent goal, inspired by my first surfing lesson in Santa Barbara this summer, combined with my love of travel, is to surf every continent. I’m planning to check off South America in December with a visit to a surf camp in Montanita, Ecuador. Thanks for sharing your list. I always find these inspiring.

Fri Oct 17 15:08:35 2014


I thinketh I’m a bit older than you but I admire your list so much. To appreciate each day thats given as a gift, not an absolute is where i’m at.
x KL

Fri Oct 17 15:08:35 2014


Love your list and I agree with your mom, anything we decide we want to accomplish we can/will.
My bucket list is long but a constant has always been to live in London for a year or so…now with grand babies, not sure that will happen. Still, it’s wonderful to dream.
Thanks for sharing.
Karen at Garden, Home and Party

Fri Oct 17 15:08:35 2014


Ahhhh Christina…the only way to accomplish anything worthwhile is to have goals, maybe seemingly unreachable ones, but definite ones. Then practice discipline (this is the hard part) so that each thing you do takes you closer to the goal. The only reason most people fail is they lack personal discipline. I don’t think you do…I know you will succeed…& splendidly so…you already have in so many ways. Always look up, waaaay up…

Fri Oct 17 15:08:35 2014

white collar | green soul

Oooh I love lists!

I have a few goals but they don’t all have to happen – even if a few did, I’d be quite a happy camper!

- design my own house (isn’t that what everyone goes into architecture for?)
- move to Sweden for a few years with my husband and (future) kids
- start my own architecture firm (here in Canada)
- live simply
- have a personal darkroom
- minimize my footprint on the planet

There are probably more… but that’s a good start :)
- agata.

Fri Oct 17 15:08:34 2014

christina @ greige

Thank you so much to everyone for your great comments!! I truly appreciate that you spend your time with me here on the blog!!!


Fri Oct 17 15:08:34 2014


I LOVE YOUR LIST!!! plus I think that your mom is right….you will make it happen….you have already come such a long way and you are very young, yet…i think it is fantastic that you have these plans for your life and are working at what you love….I had to wander around in the wilderness a long time before I got on my path to my list ;-) My boys are grown, my “baby” is in his second year of college and my husband has finally gotten on board on my #1 dream to live in Europe for several years…I have finally gotten my design business to a point where it is not just a sideline and I was published (for a decorator’s show house) in a local magazine…so you go girl! your list is absolutely going to happen and we are all here cheering you on!!

Fri Oct 17 15:08:34 2014

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