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Posted November 19, 2011 by Christina


We have guests this weekend, and while I wish the guest room looked like this it might be TOO comfortable - if you know what I mean.  This is so subtle and inviting with the soft layers of grey, linen and white.  
Are you having guests for the holidays?  How do you welcome your guests?

I always try to get the house to a normal level of cleanliness and fluff the pillows.  I typically spray the sheets with lavender water and  put fresh fluffy towels in the guest bath.  

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
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That bed looks so comfy! I think it’s nice to give special attention to the guest room. This one looks very inviting. Love your idea of spraying the sheets with lavender water.

Fri Oct 17 15:17:01 2014

Limestone by the Sea


Fri Oct 17 15:17:01 2014


I love the ceiling very much. Happy Holiday.

Lisa x

Fri Oct 17 15:17:00 2014


Looks pretty enough to be a master bedroom, too…

I love Anthropologie’s damask towels for my guests- they just look special.

And then there is a fresh croissant in the morning…

Fri Oct 17 15:17:00 2014


Oh! I wish I was a guest in this bedroom!
Have a lovely and relaxing weekend!

Fri Oct 17 15:17:00 2014

Cindy Albert

I love that room. I wouldn’t want to leave. I think it’s interesting that all those neutrals look so good with the brown in the small piece of art and the bronze finish in the chandelier. They could have hung the chandelier a little lower so that it made a bigger statement in the room.

Hope your having a great weekend!

Fri Oct 17 15:17:00 2014


Hi Christina,
The bed looks great! Can you tell me where you found the grey coverlet and blanket? Thanks!

Fri Oct 17 15:16:59 2014

Looking Glass

Now that is one glorious guest room!

~ Clare x

Fri Oct 17 15:16:59 2014

MJH Design Arts

I’m with Vicki—I’ll be moving in tomorrow. Thanks for the super post. Mary

Fri Oct 17 15:16:59 2014

vicki archer

Heaven… they would never leave… xv

Fri Oct 17 15:16:59 2014

Atelier de Campagne

I’ll have the guests stay in my room and I take this one for sure, totally my style, love the ceiling and hardwood floors
Have a relaxing Sunday,

Fri Oct 17 15:16:59 2014

Adel Palffy

Hi! Where is this upholstered bed from? Its exactly what I’m looking for. I haven’t had any luck finding something as simple in an entire bed…I have seen just headboards. Please let me know! Thank you :)

Fri Oct 17 15:16:58 2014

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