Christmas in style with Jill Sharp Brinson

Posted December 09, 2011 by Christina


I think I am ready now.. I need a little rest but we will be getting our tree this afternoon and decorating the house.  I am a pretty simple holiday decorator...  I love Jill Sharp's home in these pictures from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.  It is just that natural bit that makes it seem so special.  
Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of holiday parties and decorating...

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I love this! Simple and classic. Beautiful!

Fri Oct 17 15:20:15 2014

helen tilston

I, too, love the simplicity combined with beautiful desing. The kitchen sink with mirrors and lighting is wonderful and I can just imagine it at evening time or if they have sun hit the mirrors…magic

Helen xx

Fri Oct 17 15:20:15 2014

1 Funky Woman

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the JOY on the windows and the lanterns above the table! I could stare at these pictures all day!


Fri Oct 17 15:20:15 2014

Natalie Thiele

It’s so great I have to comment twice! Our cabin just got crunched by a tree and will have to be at least partially rebuilt. I keep thinking what a wonderful addition the mezzanine would be. I noticed that another of your photos featured a small mezzanine over a bedroom, also stunning. Is that common in Atlanta? (I think both photos were from Atlanta Homes.) Do Atlanta homes have unusually high ceilings?

Fri Oct 17 15:20:14 2014

Natalie Thiele

All fabulous! I am so intrigued by the third image with its mezzanine floor, a perfect perch for uninterrupted reading, daydreaming, etc.

Fri Oct 17 15:20:14 2014

My favorite is the picture with chevron black & white table, also those 2 Xmas trees in the same pic. I love somewhat different setup like this one is :-) And the picture of decorated kitchen is also wonderful and inspiring!

Fri Oct 17 15:20:14 2014

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