Las Vegas World Market

Posted February 10, 2012 by Christina

So last week I had to sneak away to Las Vegas for a day to go to the furniture show.  I had some ordering to do and a few projects to hunt for.  There were some great new pieces so it was worth while.

Love these new hanging lights... must find a spot to use them.  They are made here in California by hand!

Perfect art for one of my projects!!  It is so nice to find something that works so well!

Another super cool grouping of lights!


Sorry for the blurry photo (I was low on batteries) but this table is great because it is taller than your average barrel style table.  Perfect for a side table.

NEED these!

The Iris wall lights- totally cool!

A great view of the large Bling Chandelier.

It was nice to see Bliss Studio in person.

I love the chests with the mirror inserts.

I ordered some of these pillows for jobs and a few for my son's bedroom.
 They are perfect in Orange and Grey!
Love this chair.

Apparently lighting in multiples was the thing to do (or maybe it is just one of my favorites).  I love love this.

These are so cool as a low profile dining chair for a different look.  


It was a quick trip but I found what I needed and had a little time to shop in the hotel which was nice.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Kitty

SO MUCH eye candy! Thanks for sharing those great photos to inspire us and keep us up on new trends.

Fri Oct 17 15:29:23 2014


That is the BEST decoporn EVER.I needed something from every single shot.Love.Love.Love.

Fri Oct 17 15:29:23 2014


Love LOVE those orange pillows! I love the ones with the little orange polka dots and blue stripes, they look so comfy.

Fri Oct 17 15:29:23 2014


LOVE the photos!
What company are the coffee tables from (last pic)?

Fri Oct 17 15:29:22 2014

Susan Baskin Gray

I LOVE those orange and gray pillows! I want those for my boys bedrooms. Please tell me who they are by?

Fri Oct 17 15:29:22 2014


Are the blue and orange pillows from Bliss Studio too? They are amazing! Please post pics of your son’s room.

Fri Oct 17 15:29:22 2014

Alpha Blonde

I always appreciate these posts! I love that book shelf, it’s simple, but really different…and of course all of those lights, nothing beats handmade.. thanks again (like miss Kitty said) for all the eye candy!!

Fri Oct 17 15:29:22 2014

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt

So many wonderful things. Thanks for taking us along.

Fri Oct 17 15:29:22 2014

christina @ greige

I am so glad you liked everything! The pillows are from Postcards home and the tables are from Dovetail.


Fri Oct 17 15:29:21 2014

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