Flea Market Decorating

Posted March 04, 2012 by Christina


Since I am shopping the flea in Irvine this morning I thought I would share this super fun example of flea market decorating...  I love the sign and the chaise is super dreamy!  Do you buy all new or are you into the classics??  The vintage?  The mix?  What do you like?

I have some great new pieces to add to our flea market section in the shop- I just have to take the pictures and post them.... hopefully this week!

image via pinterest


The Cottage Child

We go for new on sofas, mattresses and towels (oh, and wiring) – everything else? the dustier and more beat up the better.

Loving that photo – I’m convinced I need a chaise.

Fri Oct 17 15:32:37 2014


Such a pleasure to visit you always.

I am five hours from Atlanta, GA, and the famous Scott Antique Market but I have not made it there or even Irvine when I lived in San Diego. What a fun way, with great coffee, to spend and early morning.

Looking forward to seeing what you found.

Kim @ bellarustica.blogspot.com

Fri Oct 17 15:32:37 2014

The enchanted home

Have fun…how I wish we had one near us. SO much fun to go treasure hunting….best of luck in your search! My favorite is a mix of old and new.

Fri Oct 17 15:32:37 2014

Miss Kitty

Thanks so much for posting that lovely picture with good ideas to imitate. I love the way (who ever styled this photo) used the unusual greenery in vases…I would never think to do that. I don’t have time for fleaing right now so I usually add some “imitation flea market finds” at Hobby Lobby into my vignettes.

Fri Oct 17 15:32:37 2014


Don’t you think it is all about the hunt when you go to the flea markets? I love a mix of the old and new together. Nothing that matches! It makes for a more interesting home then all new.

Fri Oct 17 15:32:36 2014

Acquired Objects

I prefer antique furniture but since the husband is only mildly into antiques we have a mix.

I hope you’re having fun!

Fri Oct 17 15:32:36 2014


Christina, I love haunting and hunting around in bins and stalls looking for something great. I could never leave it shabby though…just too much Italian in me, I think! Love the sheen of beautiful silks & silk taffetas. But, this is beautiful isn’t it?

Fri Oct 17 15:32:36 2014


I love hunting :) not only on flea market, but also on shopping occasions, unknown places with little things and my family attics! Vintage and brand new things in my style are well seen :)

Fri Oct 17 15:32:36 2014

French Basketeer.com

Can’t wait to see what you find in Irvine; I’ve been meaning to go, but I’m saving my money for France, I think!

Fri Oct 17 15:32:36 2014


First we try to buy old, then if it is impossible to find or afford, we will take the new :)
I am back to researching interiors again, finding looks that appeal to both my husband and myself as we are again in the early stages of moving house .. thinking ahead to the next/new home. So far, in 3 of your posts, I have found almost everything I want :)
besos. C

Fri Oct 17 15:32:35 2014


I love both but what I reaaaaally love is when I feel I have a bargain…old or new

Fri Oct 17 15:32:35 2014

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt

Love this image. The chair is fabulous! Have fun at the flea market.

Fri Oct 17 15:32:35 2014

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