Cement Walls

Posted March 09, 2012 by Christina


The texture of cement is so fantastic when it is natural or with a smooth finish and a small amount of nuetural color.  The color is truly an artistic endeavor.  I am using a custom made cement counter and molded sink in an upcoming project and I am so excited to see how they turn out. The finishes had the smallest differences and I really loved them all.

These walls are so amazing with the natural light in this picture.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Maybe this weekend I will have a little time to take some photos of my treasures from the last few weeks of shopping.  

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A French Touch

I agree, this is gorgeous! (I always thought concrete and cement were kinda the same thing, Lol!)

Fri Oct 17 15:33:29 2014

Beth AM

Lovely pic, but just one thing – these are not cement walls, they are concrete. Portland cement is the glue that holds the various aggregates – the sand and stone, together.

Fri Oct 17 15:33:29 2014

Shauna at Classically Chic Design

Beautiful Image. I love this look! Have a great weekend!


Fri Oct 17 15:33:28 2014


And that amazing vessel

Fri Oct 17 15:33:28 2014


OOO…the mood…Isn’t it amazing how concrete, stone, Venetian plaster and some others look so complex and multi-dimentional with the natural random color and texture…so unlike paint, stucco, etc? This photo is a great example!

Fri Oct 17 15:33:28 2014


Beautiful picture. I love the light coming through the window behind the sofa. Very N~I~C~E

Fri Oct 17 15:33:28 2014

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