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Posted July 05, 2012 by Christina


I have been a huge fan of linen bedding for a long while now.  I simply love the softness of the sheets and the crumpled relaxed look of the fabric on the bed.  At first I was all about the natural color and now I am infatuated with the dark greys and the white.  This is what my bed seems to look like with the mix of the colors.. so natural and so relaxing!

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I am a big fan also. This is what I’m planning for my master in the palest of blue…a messy bed, with a white down comforter too

Fri Oct 17 15:51:29 2014

house no 44

very nice, I’m also a big fan of Linen bedding.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get our line sheets in large sizes



Fri Oct 17 15:51:29 2014


linen is absolutely the best material for bedding!
Beautiful pic with dreamy atmosphere.

Fri Oct 17 15:51:28 2014


I love your shop, it’s gorgeous, I have the natural color and white on my bed now, but I may get darker colors to switch it up.

Fri Oct 17 15:51:28 2014

carolyn bradford

I love the look of linen in a bedroom and that’s what we have at our beach house in a pale blue gray and I just love it! Beautiful picture!

Fri Oct 17 15:51:28 2014


Beautiful. That bed looks so inviting. I’ve always been a white bedding person but lately I, too, have been craving some darker colors. Seems cozier maybe?

Fri Oct 17 15:51:28 2014

Lauren Sammon

What’s more beautiful that a comfy, unmade bed? :)

Fri Oct 17 15:51:28 2014

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I really love the one that you have post here. I want that i my living room. Nice !

Fri Oct 17 15:51:27 2014

Sofa Beds Perth Wa

I can’t wait to see the finishing touches.

Fri Oct 17 15:51:27 2014

Garden Fiend

I’ve purchased some lovely bedlinens from Restoration Hardware (on sale frequently) and have loved the quality of them. I’ve ‘drooled’ over Tricia’s “Rough Linens” but not afforded them yet. See:

Fri Oct 17 15:51:27 2014

Lesli at My Old Country House

anything that is supposed to be wrinkled to look right…in my book…is the BOMB!! I adore linen bedpieces, though I like throwing a few crisp pieces in as well for balance…Thanks

Fri Oct 17 15:51:27 2014

Caroline Boneham

Love this modern, organic look! Such a beautiful choice. C

Fri Oct 17 15:51:26 2014

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Great bedroom!Love the style!Feels simple and fresh!

Fri Oct 17 15:51:26 2014

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unfinished; raw