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Posted July 20, 2012 by Christina


We are knee deep in our kitchen island remodel and I am hoping that I love it when we finish!  It is hard to feel the love mid project.  I know it will be beautiful but it is a BIG change for the room.  It is just big in general.. bigger than I am used to.  We took out the existing island and added to each side to accommodate more storage and make it more useful in the space.  I am getting excited to see it all completed!

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Can’t wait to see the re-do!

Fri Oct 17 15:54:12 2014

Francine Gardner

Looks fabulous!

Fri Oct 17 15:54:12 2014


Best detail on this island are the flush handles in a brush finish and the extra power outlet. It’s the little things missing in my kitchen that drive me crazy.

Fri Oct 17 15:54:12 2014


We make the worst “clients” don’t we? haha! I know that its going to be absolutely stunning! How could it be anything else? best ~ Laurel

Fri Oct 17 15:54:12 2014


I’m excited to see too!

Fri Oct 17 15:54:12 2014


I am so in need of ideas and inspiration, that’s the next project in the house and then it’s in to the balusters , and floors upstairs….and maybe the bathroom in the MB! We built the house 10 years ago….and the list for updates are expanding! (the money pit?)….

Can’t wait to see what your island looks like!

Fri Oct 17 15:54:11 2014

Joe Fried

Don’t push yourself too hard. You’ll love it as soon as the whole room is done – been there, done that. You’d be surprised how much you’d appreciate that new, open space. Good luck with the island upgrade!

Fri Oct 17 15:54:11 2014


Helas, my kitchens are too small for an island, but I can dream! I love the idea of having storage and baskets of produce handy. Can’t wait to see how the project looks.

Fri Oct 17 15:54:11 2014


You will love it! Yes, power in the island…a must.
xoxo, Chris

Fri Oct 17 15:54:11 2014

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