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Posted September 14, 2012 by Christina


We are knee deep in decisions for the kitchen remodel here at home and I am finding more and more things that I love..  The detail on the interior of this cabinet is so pretty! I love the color with the dark exterior finish, I want it.   I have also been looking for tables and this one makes my heart skip a beat the twist on the original makes me so want it too... humm.

 What do you think?  I am hoping that next week I will have more time to put together some posts that are more interesting!!  When I have presentations and installations back to back it seems to use up all of my creative powers!

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Caroline Boneham

I love these photos! Those colors and textures are perfect. Can’t wait to see more on the remodel! – C

Fri Oct 17 16:01:43 2014


Good photograph and well designed kitchens.
I have been looking for a good stainless Range Hood

Fri Oct 17 16:01:42 2014

Brian Catchpole

I love your choice of color for cabinets.i can feel the pleasure to have such cabinets in your kitchen.

chloe xoxo

Fri Oct 17 16:01:42 2014

Beadboard UpCountry

I think the cabinet is great in part by the coloration of the inside too…..The table is great but the chairs are what will put the spin on it…….It will be interesting to see what you are considering for this…… Maryannexo Oh and no blogging apologies wor work I right now am the worst offender……..Maryanne xo

Fri Oct 17 16:01:42 2014

Kristie Franklin

I love the color of the cabinet and the accessories. They are inspiring, warm and inviting. :)

Fri Oct 17 16:01:42 2014


I had black cabinets in a previous house and I loved it. When I visited Hotel Particulier in Arles, France the original kitchen in the main house had black cabinets and it was stunning.
I posted about it here if you want to see the details

And Joni from Cote de Texas posted about it here with details and pictures from my visit-

Fri Oct 17 16:01:42 2014

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