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Posted October 04, 2012 by Christina


Hello, so we are sporting the new look and I am loving the change of pace around here.  It feels refreshing.  

We have an empty kitchen now and have seen the plumber, electrician, and cabinet maker in a matter of just a few days.  Today they will start putting in the new cabinets and I cannot wait to see it all in action.  I will try to update my instagram with some snap shots of everything if your interested.  I am still undecided on the back splash style, I love this chevron pattern but I am afraid I would get bored of it and long for something a little simpler.  We have chosen the Chenille Vein Cut Limestone for the back splash but the sizing is very modern at 36" long.  I think we will be cutting them down to 4" x 9" tiles and running them more like a subway tile.   Any thoughts?  What do you have in your kitchen?

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Francine Gardner

The chevron pattern add such an interesting touch to the litchen. I really love it, as frankly I am a little tired of the subway patterns.

Fri Oct 17 16:03:22 2014

Simple Everyday Glamour

Hi Christina,

Love the new look…I did the same thing a few days ago! Good luck with the kitchen remodel, sounds like a big task!


Simple Everyday Glamour

Fri Oct 17 16:03:22 2014


I love the chevron pattern too, but running as a subway tile seems more timeless to me. Can’t wait to see it finished!

Fri Oct 17 16:03:22 2014

Laviza Shariff

I am at the same crossroads! stuck at choosing backsplash. I was going to go for a simple 3×6 arabescato carrara marble field tile. w/ 1/3 herringbone inset…but now I am second guessing myself…is it too boring? too safe? can I inject my personality into my backsplash ….Then I happened upon Artistictile dot com…and feel in love w/ their mosaics – esp. their arabesque shapes…check out toledo and perlamarmi.

problem is – they are very very expensive, as compared to regular ole 3×6 subway marble…..

Fri Oct 17 16:03:22 2014


I have also selected the chenille vein cut limestone tile for my backsplash with the plan to run the 6X36 as an exaggerated subway. What was your final decision and were you happy?

Fri Oct 17 16:03:21 2014

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