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Posted October 15, 2012 by Christina

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to empty out my china cabinet and get ready for our new wood flooring to be installed and I started thinking about how lucky I am.  I have waited 4 years for the flooring I wanted, after pulling up some damaged wood when we first moved in, I am excited.  But I was really thinking more about all of the wonderful pieces I have accumulated over the years.  I LOVE dishes and when I was on a trip to Paris about four or five years ago, I found out how very much fun it could be to buy beautiful pieces while I was there and bring them home with me.  I fell hard for Astier de Villatte and my life has never been the same.  Each trip I have taken I have bought pieces and brought them home with me, very carefully.  I have a large collection now and although I don't use it as I should, each piece seems to hold a wonderful memory for me.  There are many other beautiful pieces in there too but each of these is like a little treasure to me.  

As I have been going through emptying out our kitchen and now the china cabinet I have realized something else too, I need to buy only what I love, not what is a good deal or something I may never use.  I have donated boxes and boxes of pieces over the last few weeks that have never been used or were still in the original packaging.  So this project or combination of projects has given me the jump start I need to spend more wisely and maybe just maybe start using those beautiful pieces I have been sheltering from my loved ones for fear of breakage.

Do you use what you have?  Do you save the best dishes and glassware for only special occasions or do you use them everyday? 



Kristie Franklin

Gorgeous dishes! I love the style of them. I love creamy white stoneware and my favorite are by Apilco (tradition) but also love old antique French pieces too. I purchase only the pieces that I really like leaving me with an array of mismatched dishes all priceless to me. :)

Fri Oct 17 16:04:23 2014


Love seeing pieces of your Astier collection; I have always wondered if they were very fragile. I use every piece of china and silver that I have, though other pieces are tucked away that never get used. Can’t wait to see how you will display the collections in the new kitchen!

Fri Oct 17 16:04:23 2014

Dawn @ Inspired Living

Wow…what a beautiful collection of china.

I use our china often – and broke my first dish the other day when i was in a hurry to get things cleaned up…which inevitably took me longer to clean up!!! I don’t regret using it, I only regret rushing myself.

Fri Oct 17 16:04:22 2014


Absolutely gorgeous china! I love the white and all the different textures. They are just unique and beautiful pieces.

Fri Oct 17 16:04:22 2014


gorgeous i’ve carried home a bit of beloved astier de villatte and bits and pieces from here and there in europe. also pieces i’ve made. i love the variety, all white, too. i adore it and use it everyday. i had to replace my white mason cash mixing bowl, i was pining for it after the movers smashed it! xx

Fri Oct 17 16:04:22 2014



Fri Oct 17 16:04:22 2014

Brenda Murphy

I grew up seeing my grandmother use her Limoge china at every opportunity, so I do the same. My friends godmother gave she and her husband her 400 year old tea cup and saucer as a wedding present…under the condition that it was to be appreciated/used! I am not sure I could do that though! Your collection is stunning, but maybe try a piece at a time, to get more comfortable using them. Congratulations on your reno’s too! PS Love your blog!!!

Fri Oct 17 16:04:22 2014

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