Masculine winter...

Posted December 09, 2012 by Christina


This space makes me want to start up that fire and pour a glass of wine.  I love that it has an air of mystery, what is up above?  How tall are the ceilings really?  It is pretty amazing!

Has fall turned cold finally for you?  We are finally starting to feel it here in California and I am glad for the change.

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Oh, give me a wooly blanket and pour me a glass of wine! Here, in Michigan, it’s cold (ice on the water buckets in the barnyard) and very gray, but no snow where I am…yet! Happy Holidays!

Fri Oct 17 16:12:28 2014


This is a Dream House, Every common person dream, I love your blog,
Thanks so much

Fri Oct 17 16:12:28 2014

Kristie Franklin

Here in Texas it is 57 degrees so I think winter is finally starting to set in here. Tomorrow it will be 46 degrees with the low at night at 28 degrees. Brrrr…time to turn on our heat and break out the duvet! Ha

Fri Oct 17 16:12:28 2014

Acquired Objects

Love the reclaimed wood as part of the focal point. Not wintry in New England yet in fact it’ll be 52 degrees tomorrow, to warm for snow just yet.

Happy Holidays!

Fri Oct 17 16:12:28 2014

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