2012 a little review... my love affair with instagram

Posted December 31, 2012 by Christina

It has been a wonderful year!  I was looking through my photos and realized that I really have an obsession with not only my phone but with Instagram..  It allows me to capture any moment of my life and I love to be able to see what inspires me after in a little refresher long after the moment has passed.   These are just a few of my favorites....

This last one is one of my all time favorites.. love these guys!  Wishing you a wonderful day of memories from 2012!  xoxo

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Acquired Objects

I would be in love with my phone too if it could capture all these wonderful images! Your pup and kids are all so cute. I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year!


Fri Oct 17 16:14:50 2014

carolyn bradford

Oh, this was wonderful! Even your instagram pictures are so professional! Your children are so beautiful and precious! Did you really take all of these photos? I’m super impressed and dying to know what island you were on in some of the photos because they look way too familiar! Thanks for sharing these! I would love to know what setting you used for instagram and which is your favorite? Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Fri Oct 17 16:14:50 2014


happy 2013
excellent shots

greetings from Germany


Fri Oct 17 16:14:50 2014

Sherry Calamia

I can’t believe they were taken from your phone. These are amazing images! Wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

Fri Oct 17 16:14:50 2014

Auntie Bliss

I enjoyed these!! I’m an IG addict and I’ll be lookin’ you up :)
I’m pcovi

Fri Oct 17 16:14:49 2014

Karen Albert

Lovely images Christina and they show what you love in life!
So happy to see our friend Andrea’s table of celebration!

Wishing you all the best in the Year ahead!

Art by Karena

Fri Oct 17 16:14:49 2014

Kristie Franklin

You’ve taken some really great photos! I haven’t tried Instagram as of yet. It’s all I can do to keep up with FB, Pinterest, and write my blog. Ha

Happy New Year!

Fri Oct 17 16:14:49 2014

Paige @ Little Nostalgia

Gorgeous! I’m adding you to my instagram feed right now. :-)

Happy New Year!

Fri Oct 17 16:14:49 2014

saida b.

really nice photos.
wish you a happy 2013!

Fri Oct 17 16:14:49 2014


lovely shots! I didn’t know you had a hound (a beagle? I’ve been reading for ages and didn’t know. I have two hounds at home, one is a beagle mix)… anyway, I was wondering do you know where the fabric on the cushion on the couch is from? The second from the left with the botanical print? I have been trying to track it down for ages! (and YUM for macarons!)

Fri Oct 17 16:14:48 2014

the designers muse

Beautiful images. Suitable to be used for an ad for your phone! Thanks for sharing

Fri Oct 17 16:14:48 2014

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