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San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2013: Catherine Kwong

April 26, 2013

This years San Francisco Decorator Showcase is a beautiful mix of old and new with an emphasis on a unique set of juxtaposed details thanks to Catherine Kwong and the other talented designers.   Catherine designed the Living area of this amazing home and I love this space just as much as I loved her own beautiful home!

Catherine Kwong designs a decadent
rock 'n roll hideaway for the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.
With custom furnishings and an emphasis on luxe materials, Catherine
Kwong brings her signature elegance and modern point of view to create
a grand living room.
“The design was inspired by Mick and Bianca Jagger in the 1970’s - the
young and wild, traipsing-to-Saint Tropez years,” said Catherine Kwong.
“I was doing research for a client and discovered all of these beautiful old
photos of Mick and Bianca that depicted a wild romance. They were
impossibly stylish and full of excitement, with a bit of scandal, of course.
So I designed this room for them; a place for late-night parties with rock
royalty and the jet-set. I wanted the room to be just like Mick and Bianca:
luxe and decadent, but with a rock 'n roll edge.”
The star of the room is the dramatic painted floor, which serves as a rich
canvas for the room’s artful mix of luxurious textures, details and lines.
Inspired by the iconic paintings of Cy Twombly, the floor was
hand-painted in exuberant brushstrokes by decorative painting firm,
Stancil Studios.

Interior design : Catherine Kwong
images: Bess Friday
a special thank you to: Jessica Mullens


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