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Posted May 05, 2013 by Christina

Okay friends as I am sure you know we are in the middle (actually on the tail end) of putting in a pool.  This is a first for both the Husband and myself.  So I have dreamt for years of having a big double lounger to relax on pool side.  It seems like so much more fun that sitting all alone right?  I was going to buy a couple of inexpensive pieces from one of my favorites, Target, but I cannot seem to pull the trigger..  I think I may have to get the double lounger even if we all have to share it this summer.  So I am asking for opinions please - do you have a double?  Do you have singles?  Pros/ Cons the whole thing please!    I did pick up two of these beauties though and there was not a question about them.  Had to have em!

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My House, My Garden

Congratulations on almost being a pool owner! Isn’t it exciting? We have had our pool for two years this May and I still am in awe of it every morning when I look out at it.
Yes, we have a double lounger at our beach house. TRIPLE LOVE IT! It was purchased from gift cards from Pottery Barn from our wedding almost 9 years ago and it still gets just a ton of use. Has held up near the salt water just fine. I say go for it! – Vikki

Fri Oct 17 16:29:24 2014


OK – the double lounge in the picture is lovely….. but wow – look at that gorgeous house.

The great thing about armless single loungers is that you can put them together if you want to create something more grand. But having your own lounge space with a table and market umbrella between people is more workable.
No matter what you decide on with chairs and loungers – remember that comfort is the word of the day. The reason you are at the pool is to relax and maybe fall asleep with a book. If the chair is pretty but not comfortable it will seldom get used.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:24 2014

Karen Albert

Perfect Christina! I would have very plush cushions with teak if you want to relax and read, etc. The rattan chairs are amazing!

Art by Karena

Fri Oct 17 16:29:24 2014

Things That Inspire

I have still not pulled the trigger on outdoor furniture for our pool – I am using the Brown Jordan pieces from my in law’s old house. They are now 25 years old, but are in great condition, and are a nice cream color that looks good with the landscape.

My hesitation is that I love the look of teak and iron designs that have nice cushions. But, with all of the pollen and such in Atlanta, any outdoor fabric gets dirty and grungy looking quite fast. Not to mention the frequent quick rain storms that seem to happen most evenings in the summer, making the cushions wet.

I am leaning towards some sort of sling material that looks great all the time, and dries off immediately after getting wet.

Love this picture – so charming.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:24 2014

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

We have single loungers. I have always admired the double ones and think they are very attractive. I’m not sure I want to share one in the heat with anyone, even as much as I love my husband. Also there is the question of who gets to pick the setting when two people are sharing – flat down – all the way up – halfway?

I do know from experience that you want to have Sunbrella or another easy to clean fabric on whatever you choose. Mildew is an outdoor fabric’s worst enemy.

I would not have been able to resist those adorable chairs you just purchased either. They are way cool.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:24 2014


I would say its ironic to wake up to this post today, but it really is the season for everyone to be getting their outdoor rooms together. I thought I would suggest what works for us. I too thought that a double lounger would be nice. Jumping out of the pool with my husband and cozying up on the lounge together. Well, for some reason we just didnt find it comfortable and are now back to having 4 (i’m going out today for 2 more) lounges by the pool. 2 years ago i bought target lounges. I thought they would be temporary and i still have them, they look great and after receiving my honkin huge issue of RH catalog on saturday, I was happy to see that i have the replicas of one of their lounges. Theirs: $950, Mine:$250. Now, I love them even more. So now my strange tale… last night I lined all of my 4 lounges and admired them as I turned off the filter and took one last glance at them as I closed up for the night. I thought of the Ritz in Cayman and laughed. When I woke up this morning, one of the lounges was layed back more than the others and the cushion clearly had indentions. Weird. Ok, another tip… sometimes if just my husband and I are at the pool, we face our lounges to each other side by side and we can talk and laugh and not both be staring at the pool but at each other.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:23 2014

AweSomeLiving By Rosita de Jongh

nice blog post … enjoy the beautiful week … dear greetings rosita

Fri Oct 17 16:29:23 2014


I was a new pool owner a while back and driving around the countryside I came across two singles of the 1940’s design just sitting beside the road. They are made of wood, adjustable backs, and I painted them pool blue. I love the look. I love 1940’s movies, the glamor, and all the chrome and polyester in the world really can’t match the wood design of these old loungers. The doubles are too difficult to get into and out of for me.

Love your chairs.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:23 2014

My House, My Garden

We purchased all of our outdoor furniture from Restoration Hardware more than a year ago and have loved loved it! Four of my dining chairs started turning green and they are replacing them, no questions asked. I’ve really been happy with their customer service! Would love to find another line to mix it up though so it doesn’t look like I sell RH furniture in my backyard. :)

Fri Oct 17 16:29:23 2014

theresa moore

I had a double lounger (from Pottery Barn) by the pool and loved it but it did take up a lot of room so I took it to our ranch and everyone fights to lay on it! Don’t be fooled—it works for 3 or 4 people as my 3 daughters have proven. Don’t hesitate!! If you have the room—do it!! Also, we’ve had the Carmel collection from Restoration Hardware (chairs & sofas) for years—at least 5—and the Sunbrella cushions look like new. They are under a slatted arbor in the Texas sun and have really held up. Good luck!!

Fri Oct 17 16:29:23 2014


We decided on single loungers because they are more versatile and can be moved apart or kept side by side. I often put a small table between them for drinks. If you have the space for a double lounger and also for a pair of singles, then why not get both and then you have the flexibility to cozy up or lounge separately. Looking forward to seeing your choice!

Fri Oct 17 16:29:22 2014

French Basketeer.com

We have single loungers, but I love the idea of the double. That said, I hide from the sun, so I’d much rather have a seat like your porter chairs…

Fri Oct 17 16:29:22 2014


I debated the single/double lounger question last summer, decided on a pair of singles and am glad I did. The singles are side by side anyway, so they let my husband and I lounge side by side but also let each of us adjust the slant of the backs separately. I like that singles take up less space in storage too (in our case) can be stacked to store in winter.

I love the wicker chairs you chose.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:22 2014


My grandmother gave us her (vintage) double lounger when when she redecorated her “lanai” and I am so sorry I sold it when we moved after 8+years of using it ourselves!! Never had issues with two people wanting different elevations, and one person never felt lost in it either. When I think of all the items we downsized, there are only a few that I’m sorry to have let go—and that double lounger is at the top of the list.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:22 2014


Most people have already given great advice. Since we live in the same county (I think anyway…we’re along the coast), I thought I’d throw in what small details I know. If you choose teak and want to keep the gray color at bay, my neighbors have had luck regularly applying boat deck oil for teak. I use the same oil on my exposed front door and bought it from West Marine. My next door neighbor bought RH and purchased gorgeous white/ivory cushions. Wow, they were so pretty. But they had a horrendous time with dirt and mold. Within one season, they were ruined and, sadly, replacement cushions do not come cheaply. We have taupe sunbrella cushions by Tropitone. The color hasn’t faded, even after years of abuse. But our biggest issues are pollen and mildew. I can wash them endlessly, but even with bleach the mildew is refusing to come out. It’s been years so we will have to redo them soon. Even so, I prefer them over sling styles because I like the furniture look and they’re very comfortable. I wish you luck. Have a lovely time in Paris.

Fri Oct 17 16:29:21 2014

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