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Our Pool.. getting from there to here...

June 13, 2013


I finally feel like I can share a little of our pool installation and design with you because I feel like we have actually accomplished something.  So far the process has taken about 10 or 11 weeks and we are still knee deep in work, but we are swimming.  Everyone says we won't swim much after the first few months but that's okay we are living in pool bliss right now and swimming almost every day or evening and loving it.

Before we dug the hole we actually had grass and many many trees.  We pulled everything out to completely overhaul the yard.  It is big by Southern California standards and was begging for a pool.  We could not have been more excited to just have a dirt hole.  The first weekend (and the second) we sat out there and stared at it in the sunshine.


This was just 10 days after they started digging.. so excited!


Our fire pit area with gridded slabs.


Then came the concrete.  This was put in just a week or so before I left on my trip so I have an entire missing section of the progress here..  it went from this to a real live pool with water and everything while I was gone.

I also came home to this.. our cabana being built.  Which is still in progress. I cannot wait to get it all together!  


There is still a lot to do and I promise to keep you updated..  We expect the sprinklers and the cabana to be finished at the end of this week, so soon we will be able to plant and put in grass.  I have never longed for green and trees so much in my life!  The details of this project have really been challenging and I am so glad to see it coming together! 


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