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Posted June 25, 2013 by Christina


I know we don't do a lot of color here on the blog but sometimes it is fun!  I keep coming across beautiful bright colors as Summer begins and we get to embrace the feeling of bright and fun things.

The orange in these spaces is bold and dramatic.  Such a big chance to take!
What do you think, do you go for it with color?  I have always held onto the idea that color and trends are for accents, these seem to go against that idea with a strong expression of orange.

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sometimes a hard color ro deal with…but I Love Love Love that chandelier!

Fri Oct 17 16:36:43 2014

La Maison Fou

Love the orange……it is lovely! My favorite color…..
Besides the array of neutrals.

Fri Oct 17 16:36:43 2014


looking at the interiors one can be sure that happiness lives there. love everything colorful and dynamic and if the colors are in harmony the effect is fascinating.

Fri Oct 17 16:36:42 2014


It is my best-selling color; love it in moderation in the home~

Fri Oct 17 16:36:42 2014

Jillian S

Love the orange. Love your blog. always eye candy.

Fri Oct 17 16:36:42 2014

Home and Lifestyle Design

I love a bold color statement piece as it really punches out into the space. I especially love the orange chandelier. But a think such a bold color does go a long way, but it is all it what each individual is comfortable with.
Thanks, Patty

Fri Oct 17 16:36:42 2014

brisbane retaining walls

Oh, I so love love orange! That chandelier is just beautiful. Everything in it looks perfect. Nice share!

Fri Oct 17 16:36:41 2014

Ciao! Newport Beach ~ Fabiana

So bold and wonderful! I love your collection of scrumptious orange!


Fri Oct 17 16:36:41 2014

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