Weekend Wishes

Posted July 27, 2013 by Christina


I am promising myself I will go through my photos this weekend!!  Eek.. what are you promising yourself?

I fell in love with these little cups and cannot wait to make them for breakfast!
If you like pretty food check this out.. (can you tell I am hungry while writing this?)
I cannot wait to use this guy in an upcoming project..
I think I may need these for fall..

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Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns

I have some work to do but have been promising myself to relax and read a bit. I hope that comes to fruition.

I love these taco cups! They look scrumptious!

I hope you enjoy your weekend.


Fri Oct 17 16:41:04 2014


The third link wouldn’t open for me. Here’s my to do list.

put away fabrics (mostly done)
put away laundry (done)
Susan’s floor plan
blog post
photos on website portfolio
plan new photos
take photos of my place!
gift certificate for realtors
pay bills (mostly done)
website home page.

some of these have been on my to do list for days, weeks and months. Oh well… there’s always tomorrow. :]

Fri Oct 17 16:41:03 2014

Ivy Lane

Taco cups? YUM!!! I promised myself a weekend of relaxation, yoga practice and some quality time with my hubby….

Enjoy yours!

Fri Oct 17 16:41:03 2014

Karen Albert

Christina, I love the pendant!! It is so cool! The taco cups are delightful and so good for you! Oh those boots, love the style, just not the pricetag right now!!

2013 Designer Series

Fri Oct 17 16:41:03 2014

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