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Posted August 05, 2013 by Christina

We had quite an eventful weekend for having nothing to do...
I spent a little bit of time going through the goodies from our container and arranging a few little things that I bought for myself along with a lot of laundering of vintage French linens.  One of my favorite things that I could not wait to get were the books that I bought from Sharon when we were staying at her house... love them!
We had dinner outside by the pool which was lovely, and the caprese was perfection.


I rearranged my mirror collage in the living room finally, adding some bigger pieces and a variety of shapes.

 A quick visit to the flea market and the farmers market on Sunday morning was in order, then a late lunch with my sisters and mom!


My last little note is about a comment that I received on a post about spelling.. I will say that I am not a wonderful speller and I will never win a spelling bee, I rely heavily on spell check and I look up anything I am in doubt on, that is my pre-comment here.  I appreciate a nice email to help me when I have made a mistake, and I do get them and I do make them, however, I do not appreciate a rude comment form an Anonymous commenter correcting me when I was already correct.  Please understand that many of us write blogs because we enjoy them and because we like to share with others, please don't waste anybody's time, yours or mine by being mean or rude.  That just ruins it for everyone because it makes the writer hesitant to be themselves, and it makes us edit comments heavily to keep your negativity to a minimum.  I will tell you the same thing I tell my kids BE NICE!  
There are so many wonderful readers out there and I do hope you will continue to comment as it lets me know you are still out there, please forgive me for my little rant!!  

Happy Monday! :)

 p.s. here are a couple of little pictures from our container that we unloaded last week.  We will be having a little sale and gathering to celebrate.  More to come this week on that!

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How terrible about the mean spelling corrector! I rarely comment (I never think I have anything good to say) but I wanted to let you know that I adore your blog. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. You’re one of the few blogs that posts on weekends and and reading them is always a little “happy” moment for me when I have my morning java. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing eye and inspiration with us

Fri Oct 17 16:43:50 2014


Thanks for posting such wonderful images every day. I have never understood why someone would comment negatively on a blog that is so beautiful and uplifting. Too much time on their hands:)

And just to let you know, when I was going through a rough time in my life I would look at your blog every morning (first thing) just to lift my spirits. You even inspired me to start my own own.

Thanks Christine for taking the time to make such a beautiful blog, it is so much appreciated…



Fri Oct 17 16:43:50 2014

Decor de Provence

You have such a beautiful life and I love following along! Thanks for always lifting my day!

Best wishes pretty lady!

Fri Oct 17 16:43:50 2014

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut

Beautiful….wish I was following along with you!

Fri Oct 17 16:43:50 2014

Carrie Bligh

How mean some people are! Love your blog & you’re wonderfully natural style of writing & your generosity sharing all this beautiful stuff with us! Always save my favourite blogs for morning coffee when I get to work – to start the day on an uplifting note. Thank you! Carrie XXX UK [so many words spelled differently in US/UK – who would notice an odd slip anyway ;)]

Fri Oct 17 16:43:49 2014

Mar gar et

Uh…who reads when there are gorgeous photos that speak a 1,000 words?? Your photos are always top notch! But yes, I actually do read your blog, and you come across as warm, and engaging, never pretentious!

Fri Oct 17 16:43:49 2014


Christina, Your blogs are always beautiful! Who cares about a typo? We all have mis-placed typing fingers and misspell things even when we DO know how to spell them correctly. Let the negative just flow out of your mind…like the water off a ducks back!
ps. I never noticed a misspell and I couldn’t care less if I did.
Always an inspiration!

Fri Oct 17 16:43:49 2014

Rathdan Design

just to comment on the person who wasn’t even brave enough to leave their name on their nasty note – don’t give them a second thought as they are NOT worthy of your time or energy!! And this reminded me of a saying from my childhood – don’t let the turkeys get you down.

I love your blog.

Fri Oct 17 16:43:49 2014


eeewww… sorry about the troll Christina. That was totally uncalled for! Unfortunately, there are those who get their jollies out of putting other people down. Its born out of a deep-seated insecurity about themselves. They see an opportunity to put down a person that they deem to be in a higher place than them. So,if they can find some reason to put you down, it means that for that moment, they are superior. (in their warped minds) Still, it friggin hurts. But the coward can’t even express who they really are… terribly sad and just know that whoever it is, is undoubtedly a miserable wretch—- too miserable and cowardly to even show some kindness, respect and even some pride in who they are.

BTW, I have never noticed any typos. In fact, your posts always seem to be absolutely perfect in every way and the fact that you post every day absolutely blows my mind! As you know, I’ve always admired you and your blog and website which have been a tremendous source of inspiration for me. It was through you that I discovered pinterest about two years ago…

Fri Oct 17 16:43:49 2014


You are the loveliest and your blog is phenomenal. You inspired me to start blogging as well. Keep on rocking, lady! Usually haters are a sign you’re doing something well and you’ve made it! : ) My most frequent type-o is forgetting a small but important word that makes the sentence… like “is”! xx C

Fri Oct 17 16:43:48 2014

Anne Boykin

Love your sweet blog! Every. Time.

Fri Oct 17 16:43:48 2014

k. ferguson, pilgrimagegal

Dear C,
I read every post… Never seen a typo! We all love your work… Haters are just that. Stay on the sunny side of the street and block that person!

Fri Oct 17 16:43:48 2014

Sue L

I read your blog every weekday morning while having coffee before getting ready for my work day. I have never noticed any spelling errors, but then, I don’t look for them. I look at all the beautiful pictures and admire your great eye for style. Please continue, without any hesitation, to be yourself. You have obviously found your passion in life and we all enjoy the journey with you.

Fri Oct 17 16:43:48 2014

Carrie Bligh

Haha – just spotted a typo in MY comment – hope I don’t get any hate mail!

Fri Oct 17 16:43:48 2014


I just got my very first mean comment on my blog and as much as I tried to shrug it off it really did hurt my feelings and make me think about holding back. People suck sometimes. I love your blog. You’re style is fantastic. Keep it up.

Fri Oct 17 16:43:47 2014


I spy lovely treasures from your shipping container – I want them all! Also need space though, I’ve not got a wall of a corner in my little cottage that can accommodate more sadly!

Those are some great looking – and probably tasting – heirlooms – I’m searching for some like that at the farmers’ market later today!

Hugs – Mry

Fri Oct 17 16:43:47 2014

J. Schoenberger Design

I have serious heirloom tomato envy!!! And that post on your Paris shop with all the plates was divine too. xoxo

jennifer @ vreeland road

Fri Oct 17 16:43:47 2014

christina @ greige

Thank you all for your sweet comments, I truly appreciate them!


Fri Oct 17 16:43:47 2014

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