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Posted August 26, 2013 by Christina


I came across a single image from this gorgeous home on pinterest and fell hard!  This is such an inspiring space, and just one of many on Micheal's blog.   He covers their renovation in beautiful detail and the results are enough to make me want to paint everything black and white and add bold mixes of color.  It is beyond wonderful! 



I love the pups too!  They also have an English bulldog that is not pictured here.. yes I may have stalked the blog a little!

all images via 47 park avenue

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Paula Carvalho


Tue Nov 11 07:46:20 2014

Molly S.

I just adore the splashes of color and texture those stylish guest chairs give to that bathroom and hallway. And the rustic wood panelling looks phenomenal next to all the solid black tones. Beautiful work.

Fri Oct 17 16:47:11 2014

Furniture Lover

Normally i would hate old pink sofas like that, but in the dark room next to those beautiful pink flowers being used as an accent, the room is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

Fri Oct 17 16:47:11 2014


I would love to be so adventurous. Absolutely love everything he has done – beyond stunning!

Fri Oct 17 16:47:10 2014

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