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Posted September 02, 2013 by Christina


As we draw nearer to our sale this weekend I find myself revisiting our trip to Paris from the Spring.  I fell in love with the little apartment that we stayed in but would have done things a little differently..  something like this beauty would have been perfection.  Can you imagine?

This week I will be posting alot about our trip and some of the wonderful pieces that we have to offer.  I do hope you will be able to join us on Friday and Saturday to see what we brought back!


images via veranda

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Linda @ DesignInMyView

Christina – Do we need to RSVP for entrance to your sale? I’m looking forward to coming!

Fri Oct 17 16:47:43 2014

Marsha Splenderosa

No kidding, I would love to stay here also. It’s beautiful & perfect. Hope to see you for BIO, it’s PATINA, you know. xx’s

Fri Oct 17 16:47:43 2014

House of Silver

What a view from the window!!!! I love it :-) Would have been nice if I had the same view from my windows, but unfortunately my view is a not as nice :-) Would have loved it though.

Have a fantastic day.



Fri Oct 17 16:47:43 2014

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