Notre Dame through the trees

Posted October 08, 2013 by Christina


I know it is not Spring it is surely Fall here but I was looking for some photos and came across my Paris pictures again, there are really alot of them!  I wanted to share a few more with you.  We visited Notre Dame on a cloudy rainy day and the light was so lovely through the green foliage of Spring.  The flowers were a bit worse for ware but still beautiful.

We have another busy week here on the blog as I prepare for the Holiday giveaway series and get ready to host a couple of book giveaways over the next few weeks.  As well as trying to bring you some amazing pictures to inspire your holidays.  Happy Tuesday!



images by christina for greige

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I love touring all cathedrals on my travels, Notre Dame in Paris is no exception. I become mesmerized by the details of the architecture and the history behind it. I loose myself in thoughts of it’s beginning, where the pieces originated, the meaning behind it and how it all came together. Each so intricate and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your images.

Judy G.

Fri Oct 17 16:51:37 2014


Lovely images, I want to be there! Especially love the surprise of a wattle fence in central Paris.

Fri Oct 17 16:51:37 2014


I love the wattle fence in juxtaposition to the refined stonework…

Fri Oct 17 16:51:37 2014


I always think the rear of Notre Dame is much more beautiful than the front. People look at the wrong side!

Fri Oct 17 16:51:37 2014

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