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Vintage linen is one of my favorite items in this world.  I love the softness it has while still having great visual texture.  The color is always slightly different from one piece to the next and the piece with embroidery always amaze me.


images by: Ditte Isager

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Karena Albert

The feel is always so luxurious!
The Arts by Karena

Fri Oct 17 17:07:08 2014

Designing my Home

Great post! Been looking into finding good ideas for designing spaces in my new home. Thanks for the pics and info here!

Fri Oct 17 17:07:07 2014


I love the feel and look of linen, as well, Christina. I am drawn to vintage linens when antique searching and love finding a monogramed “G” on a hand linen for the bathroom. It’s that special touch. Speaking of antiquing, I’m back off to Paris and the south of France in April. Would you be so kind to share a couple of your favorite antique shops. Would love to explore some new finds! Thanks!
Judy G.

Fri Oct 17 17:07:07 2014

Marsha Splenderosa

Christina, I’ve been so lucky to have had a grandmother who collected fine things. She showed me the way.
I have linens from every place I’ve ever visited, all exquisite. I need to use them more often, not just for special, don’t I? love you…

Fri Oct 17 17:07:07 2014

Row homes and Cobblestones

Because of every reason you stated about fabulous vintage linen is why I buy vintage linen. Suddenly though the price has skyrocketed on monogrammed vintage sheets. Thanks for posting photos of beautiful pieces.

Fri Oct 17 17:07:07 2014

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adj: not bleached or dyed;
unfinished; raw