going dark.. black interiors

Posted March 07, 2014 by Christina

 I keep seeing and loving the dark feeling of black walls.  I know it seems extreme but wouldn't it feel like a cocoon, and its just so simple.  

image by patrick kooiman via
 I know this last one is not black but let's be serious that floor is the best ever!!!!

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Tricia Carter

I too am in love with the floating bathroom vanity and sinks. Could you direct me to a vendor for both? My entire master bath and bedroom remodel may hinge upon these items :0

Mon Mar 21 21:42:40 2016


I love it all, but especially the bathroom floating vanity and sinks! Where oh where?

Sun Feb 7 08:48:15 2016


Where could I contact you

Fri Dec 18 16:25:12 2015


dark or light? tropical island or snowy mountain? what do you like more?
always undecided. But the best is you
can change

Fri Oct 17 17:08:25 2014

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you

i love my black living room walls. it’s totally a neutral if you do it right.

Fri Oct 17 17:08:24 2014

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