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Posted March 08, 2014 by Christina


Wow What a week!  We are off to another busy weekend too.. Vegas here we come.

A few little things to keep you going this weekend..

I picked up this cute little dress for my presentation this week.. I heart it!
New York is gorgeous in the snow - although I am a little glad I am here in California sunshine.
We added bunches of new art to the shop - have you been by lately?
Paris is calling- how can I ignore it?

have a wonderful weekend!

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Jak Manson

That is some really great work and it looks amazing. I love your work and design that you captured here. I would love to have something that amazing in my own home and have my house designed like this one.
Jak Manson | http://www.carolsdesign.com/design.php

Fri Oct 17 17:08:28 2014

Karena Albert

Have a great weekend Christina! Love the ikat dress!

2014 Artists Series

Fri Oct 17 17:08:28 2014

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