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Posted March 15, 2014 by Christina


It is proving to be a beautiful weekend here in California so we are spending it pool side and in the sun.  I have been planting away in the garden and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will survive!  

A few things to get you through to Monday...

Boutonne has added some beautiful new pieces for Spring..
I want//need this top.. perfect for a trip to Paris, right?
Speaking of Paris.. I could use another trip!
I enjoy winter from a far but not sure I could handle the real thing!!
Can I invite you over for dinner and you can bring this with you???

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Ahhh… those beautiful snow-covered scenes. Yes, it looks like that for about 30 minutes. Fairy land. But alas… within hours it is ALL covered with gross brown DIRT. (which gets all over your car which continues to spread the brown dirt— everywhere) Then, it refreezes and if it’s as cold as it has been this Godawful winter, it turns to hard ice and becomes impossible to shovel. Then it snows again (and this winter, again and again and again…) more ice. More dirt. MOUNTAINS of it. It’s STILL here. Mountains of dirt with ice underneath it. By the end of the month, if it doesn’t snow again and we have a good rain and some days in the 50s+ it’ll be all gone. maybe. So, why do we stay here? Beats me. We’re masochists?

Fri Oct 17 17:09:17 2014


Ah, yes, it is divine in California. This has been an extraordinary Spring in Paso, my garden is almost in full bloom. Love all the tips, especially the tee and I never cease to enjoy all the greige…..

Fri Oct 17 17:09:17 2014

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